Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Holiday Craft-a-Palooza 2013

It came.
It saw.
It more than conquered.

On Saturday, I hosted the 2nd Annual Craft Night.
And it was awesome.
I mean, planning and preparing and having tons of cancellations was SUPER STRESSFUL
(more on that laterrrrr)
but the party was FANTASTIC!

In a nutshell, I pick four to five crafts from pinterest and I buy all the supplies and all the girls participating split the costs with me and we all bring super yummy goodies and how the pin crafts don't turn out to be pintrocities.

This year we attempted to do the Sharpie mugs again (last years), tassel garlands, felt Christmas trees and Pledge glitter ornaments.
The ornaments were INSANELY easy and such a hit and the girls got really creative with their mugs. Only two girls finished all the crafts, but that wasn't the point.
The point was to have an amazing time, to get into the holiday spirit and enjoy bonding time together

I also bought $1 frames from Dollar Tree and spray painted them and put in this printable that I made for the girls as a gift for coming. I kind of love it and I hope the girls love it too!
To Download 4x6 Printable or Full Sized Printable, click HERE
Between last year and this year, I'm working all the kinks out and I'm already excited for next year's party.

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Holiday Pictures 2013

A few weeks ago, the King and I had our friend, Diane, meet us at the Grand Floridian Resort at Walk Disney World to take pictures for our Christmas cards.

The resort is a replica of a Victorian seaside resort and is home to Disney's wedding pavilion and the perfect place to take pictures with Cinderella's castle. Once again, this year I took more than two seconds to prep my hair and do my makeup. I woke the King up more the 10 minutes before we needed to leave the house so he could primp himself and look "Sooooooo Goood!

We get to the resort, and just like last year's Christmas card pictures, it was raining. Pooooooo.
So that means my hair frizzed and the King and I laughed it off and just made do.
Thank goodness Diane is a miracle worker and managed to capture quite a few pictures of us that more than half way decent.
After pictures we wondered around the resort, debated whether or not we should go into Magic Kingdom or just go home and be lazy.
Neither won out, and we ended up being surprisingly productive and did some Christmas shopping... in November... before Thanksgiving (I know, I know... the horror).

We just got back from Alabama for Thanksgiving, and even though I had my nice camera there, I didn't crack it out once. I took a few photos with my iPhone, but I made it a point to not have it out constantly, so I'll post about the trip, but I'm not promising tons of photos or even good ones at that.

Anyhoooooooo hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving and are getting into the Holiday spirit!

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

New York, New York

It's been a month, but I still can't stop thinking about my trip to NYC.
It was amazing and beautiful.
Despite some minor bumps (like getting on the wrong subway by myself), some of the most incredible things happened that made the trip magical.

The one thing that made the trip for me were the people I met.

First, I met Juan Antonio from the Bronx.
I went to the Manhattan temple and while there, Juan came right up to me, introduced himself and asked me about myself. There was just something so amazingly sweet about him and he just exuded happiness. It was truly infectious. He helped me realize that despite the craziness surrounding the city (and life) there is happiness and a simplicity that we can have, if we want it.

Then, I met Anne (or lovingly referred to as "Apple Annie").
Us girls went to the Shake Shack for dinner and while we hovered for a table, Anne beat us. Instead of using the entire booth for herself, she invited us to join her so we didn't have to wait forever. While eating with her, we all shared stuff about ourselves and she told us all about her life in the city. Apple Annie was SPECTACULAR. There are times in your life when you feel a connection to someone and I felt it for her. Luckily we exchanged phone numbers and are now pen pals.

I also got to meet/spend time with my cousin-in-law (the King's cousin) Jenn, my brother-in-law Jake and his girlfriend (who I have a massive girl crush on) Hannah. Even though I had never met Jenn before, she made me feel right at home and it was like we've known each other for years. She helped prove to me that I have married into an incredibly loving family and I am so fortunate. Jake and Hannah were my protectors and guides to Brooklyn. They made sure I didn't get too lost and more importantly, that I didn't die. Also, they fed me some fantastic food. If anything, Jenn, Hannah and Jake made me miss them and want to be around them more.

The last person was Lindsay, with an "A".
Laurel and I were headed home to the airport and decided to take the subway system.
With the hurricane Sandy damage, a lot of the trains have been rerouted and Laurel and I were confused about one of the stops because we misread a sign. Then we saw Lindsay with her suitcase, so we just decided to follow her. But I had to still double check that we were headed in the right direction, so I decided to do the unthinkable and just ask Lindsay if she was headed to JFK. She was and the rest of the hour and a half ride to the airport was filled with us getting to know her, her love for her sisters and he future with her boyfriend she was going to visit.

I may never see Juan, Anne and Lindsay again, but they really did change my life. They helped me renew my hope in complete strangers and that people really are good. That New York is really not as scary as people make it out to be. People are helpful, not murders and even though the city never sleeps, it is beautiful in the morning and the night even without beautiful sleep.
 Until next time New York.

-Love, Kaylee

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

The Plague, Witches and New York!

I survived!
The plague hit my house last week and boy, was it a doozy.
It started out like a normal little cold, but when Nyquil and sleep weren't doing anything to help me get rid of it, I knew this was a whole different beast.
Lets just say, one whole week, days of fever, tons of hot baths and meds have kicked that puppy in the butt. The cough is still lingering, but boy, do I feel so much better.
I really hope I didn't pass it along to anyone and I am so blessed to have a boss that lets me work from home so that I could recover and still work.
Like I said, I survived, and just in time.
Saturday was Brittany's annual Witches Night Out party and I would NOT miss it for the world.
I have this saying (since I worked as a witch at Filch's in Hogwart's dungeon):
"Once a witch, always a witch."
So, I donned my witch hat and got a little more dressed up and hit the town with my fellow witches.
Brittany always decorates her home so perfectly and has the best games.
We paid homage to Halloween movies by skillfully acting them out in less than a minute, put our boogie shoes on and did the "broom dance", and even brewed up a potion or two with our spell skills.
I cannot wait until next year and had an absolute blast with all my witchy ladies.
Anyhoo, I'm leaving for New York City tomorrow night and
Seriously, my day has gone by so incredibly slow and I just want to be on that plane already.
Tomorrow I'll share my list of things I want to do while I'm there.
Only one more sleep and I'll be in the Big Apple.
Whoop Whoop!!!

Friday, October 4, 2013

Great Friends

Last night was the start of my book club with some of my girlfriends.
I was worried because I didn't think people would show up.
Those who showed up made it worth it all.
I'm so grateful for such sweet friends in my life.
Like Mary, who came, even though she had a party to attend after.
And Jess, who had to wake up at 4 am the next day for clinicals... and she lives 30 minutes away.
And Magen, who had just worked a full eight hours with me.
I really am one blessed lady.
And we sure like to party.
Even if Mary can't keep her eyes open.

Thursday, October 3, 2013


With it being October...
Have I told you that lately? That's it's October? And my favorite month? I have? Oh, my b.
... I thought it would be a good time to talk about some fears that have been on my mind lately.

When I was young, I was super active. I loved running outside and playing.
In elementary schoo, middle school, high school and even some of college, I played soccer religiously and was always involved in some kind of sport. I didn't mind running around and I sure didn't care what I ate.
Adult life happened.
Now I work an 8 hour job, where I sit in front of the computer daily.
And, and you might be surprised, but it is exhausting.
So when I get home, the last thing I want to do is work out.
And I still have my "healthy" eating habit (and by healthy I mean "I can eat a lot").
Basically, I've gained weight. Not a ton. And most people probably wouldn't really notice.
But I do. And I really want to lose it. Mostly, I want a healthier lifestyle.
The problem: I'm lazy.
I'm fearful that I won't overcome my laziness and actually get my butt up and back in shape.

I have the most incredible husband. Really, I do.
The King really does treat me like his queen.
If I need ANYTHING, he will find a way to provide it.
If I want ANYTHING, he will do his best to get it for me.
I have this horrible habit of letting him serve me hand and foot.
The problem is that I used to be this really independent person and I rely too much upon my husband.
I'm talking about things like, "Hey AMOOOOOOORRRR, will you please get me a glass of water?" while he is painting a room across the house and I'm sitting on the kitchen floor. 
Like I said. I rely too much on him.
I need to spoil him more. I need to not be so selfish and I need to get him the glass of water instead.
And just treat him right.
I'm fearful he will realize how selfish I am and have to try a little harder to love me.

I took the almost six month hiatus from blogging.
It was really scary at first and then I completely forgot about it.
Then, one day, I felt like I had something to write about again.
I bucked up, put my big girl panties on, and started blogging again.
THEN, I started to peruse the blogopshere again.
None of my former bloggy friends were there, or they had left me far in the dust.
I almost don't recognize that world I used to love SO MUCH.
I didn't even really know where to start to find those genuine blogs that I would love to read.
I don't even know how to forge the relationships anymore.
It has all changed too much.
I'm fearful that I might re-not find my passion in blogging.

Book Club:
A lot of my friends kept saying that they wanted to be in a book club and meet new people.
So, I started a book club for them to meet new people.
They all keep bailing.
And it makes me really sad, because I never bail on their stuff.
I'm fearful that this new book club that I'm not really doing for myself, but for my friends, will end up being like the Blogger Book Club that I was co-host of.... something that ended up dying because no one ever really joined.

Traveling in NYC:
I'm also super terrified of traveling from JFK to Manhattan via train at 11 pm at night when we fly in.
But what the hey... I get to go in the first place, so that's good enough for me!

I have SO MUCH to be grateful for, but sometimes, you can't appreciate them until you voice your fears, even if it is just so you can hear them out loud. Even if it is to try to face them and change them.


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