Friday, March 30, 2012

A Few of My Favorite Things

Here are some of my favorite things, that I so diligently scoured the internet this week to find, just for you lovely people.

Please, enjoy:
1. My engagement photos (at least some more of them) over at Quintessentially Yours (the wedding blog I write.... I know, over achiever).

2. I am the only "Kaylee Hornsby" on facebook. It occurred to me yesterday that I might not be the only "Kaylee Gwyn." My little heart was rest assured that I will be. Best part, there is a "Baylee Gwyn." The King and I's celebrity nickname is.... "Baylee."

3. Erin over at Living in Yellow has got to be the funniest persons in the world. I love her blog and I love her (actually, we're BFF's in my own little world). The picture is from one of her most recent stories. I literally could not stop laughing. Please, treat yourself by clicking here.

4. A quote to live by. via

5. The next Susan Boyle? Why does Britan's Got Talent always make me feel good, while American Idol makes me feel retarded?

Hope you like these! please share what you've found!

Also, and this is BIG!, if I can get 50 people to like the All Things Bright and Beautiful's facebook page before the end of March (that's tomorrow folks!), then I will do a song and dance. And by that I mean I will literally record myself doing a song and dance and post it for you! What are you waiting for? Click here to "like".

Thursday, March 29, 2012

March... Via Instagram

Jeez. Is it me, or is this year flying by?! There is not way March is almost over, because if it is, that means I am only 6 weeks away from my wedding. I don't know if life works this way for you or not, but for me, anytime I'm really excited about something or want something really bad, time drags on. Like drraaaagggggssss on. I'm totally okay with this change though!

Without further ado, March... via instagram.
Practicing my new name; Amanda hates when I take her picture; I love my ring, y'all; The King and I in Forsyth Park.
Purple shirt; The King's first grey hair; Engagement pictures by KimBe Photography; The King cleaned my house and left me flowers.
Whoo do you see?; Right to bare arms folks; Twue wuv ("True Love" a la The Princess Bride); Under the "popcorn" tree.
Hope everyone had a fantastic March. I cannot wait for April to come (bridal shower, little sister's birthday, Kate and Wills anniversary, etc.) and go so I can get HITCHED!!!

Follow me: @KayleeHornsby (can I change this when I'm married?)

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Shake What Yo' Mama Gave Ya'

First off, great title right?
Second off, it has absolutely NOTING to do with my post.
I have no clue what my post is going to be about yet.
Instead, I just keep typing.
I could tell you that I have been acting like this woman a lot. Realistic, yet snarky. Not a nice character trait to convey to those you love.

Or, I could tell you about how I have a 52 legal word vocabulary quiz today that I haven't even started studying for yet.

Or, I could tell you about how I also have a Memorandum of Law due in a few hours and I started ( and finished it) within the last hour... It probably isn't stellar. Nor will I win the case.

Or, I could tell you about how my wedding invitations are killing me. Literally, they are. I have so many paper cuts and embossing powder in my eyes that I am bleeding to death as I go blind.

Or, I could tell you about how I got a new job! Yeah, that's what I'll tell you about.

I passed my resume along a couple of weeks ago. Last Wednesday, the partners of the firm called me in for a pretty unorthodox interview (lets just say that I will now always be referred to as Hilary Swank and that the entire interview was based around how I felt when I won an Oscar). I left the interview so confused, because out of the 30 minutes I saw there, .5 seconds of it was about the job and my skills. Friday I went in to demand that they give me a re-interview where I could prove my skills, but instead, they offered me the job and said that they enjoyed my interview. I signed paperwork on Monday and gave my two weeks notice here, and BADA BING BADA BOOM!I have a new job. I'll be starting there April 9th. Its a serious job folks. No more writing the blog while I have a break in work. Thank goodness I don't have anymore night classes after this semester so I'll still be able to spend oodles of time with you lovely people. I'm excited. Its going to be a good thing.

Its going to be a good thing? Right?!

As you can see, I'm not great at dealing with change.

So yeah, love you lots, yadda yadda yadda.


P.S. Can't you tell tat the wedding stress, school stress and change of job stress are getting to me?

Monday, March 26, 2012


You know you are exhausted and just plain worn out when:

You don't "feel" like pinning.
You don't have time to blog.
You don't have time to read your favorite books.
You don't have time to do wedding stuff.
You don't have time to hang out with your hot fiance.

allllll because you would rather spend you tiny bit of free time sleeping. 

I cannot wait for my life to become less chaotic (in about 55 days). 
Also, I have big news. I'll tell you about it tomorrow, but, for me at least, it is exciting!!!! Changes are happening my friends, good changes.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

"Real or Not Real?"

I'm obsessed. Always have and probably always will. With the Hunger games that is. It almost bothers me to admit it because everyone is giving the Hunger Games the same reaction as Twilight (which I also still like) just because of the fan base. Trust me. It will be nothing like that. If you think watching teenagers fight to the death in an arena because their government makes them is going to be the same as a vampire/human/werewolf love triangle.... well, guess again.

To celebrate the movie coming out at midnight (yes, I will be there. No, I will not be in costume), I've gathered my favorite Hunger Game inspired "things" from around the web:



Go to the 1:55 spot.
So, my friends, may the odds be ever in your favor.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

A Few Random Thoughts

Once again, a few random things that are on my mind today:

1. My aunt Sheryle passed away this morning. She has been fighting cancer for months now and I am happy that she has remained victorious by finally being able to escape its grasp and has moved on to somewhere she will be much happier. I take great comfort in knowing that I WILL get to be with her again one day and that she is preparing a beautiful life for her and her family on the other side. I love you and you are truly missed.

2. Sara and Chad are engaged!!!! Whoot whoot! I am so happy for them and know its been a long time coming (I knew for three weeks that he was going to propose to Sara. It was SO HARD for me not to let the cat out of the bag). Help me help them. They are trying to win a free photography session. Follow this link and like their picture and comment on it as well. Let them know I sent you! You guys don't understand how much it would mean to them and to me.

3.  Ellie Coburn (sweetest gal ever!) has finally got her non-profit organization's website up and running. Speak Now is an organization geared towards giving voices back to young women. The goal is to allow young women to view themselves as absolutely fabulous. It is so inspiring that a bright 15 year old girl like Ellie is able to help achieve something like this! Let's help her. Click on over to Speak Now and sign the pledge (I did). It's free. It's wonderful. It's empowering!

Have a great Tuesday everyone. This life we have, it is a great one. Try to remember that today. Live everyday for a purpose.

Monday, March 19, 2012

Have I Gone Mad?

I'm feeling a bit mad lately. Between planning a wedding, full-time school and a full-time job, who could blame me?!
These are the tiny demons that are driving me mad:

1. The fact that I don't have enough time to thoroughly clean my house.
2. Ditto to above, but with my car instead.
3. My four classes actually require more time than any of my other classes I've taken... combined.
4. I still need to put together a bridal shower list to pass along to my sister.
5. I need to remove all 1 billion pieces of china off of mine and the King's bridal registry (the Macy's consultant convinced me I should. I now know I shouldn't have).
6. There really does not seem to be enough time in the day anymore.
7. I can't renew my library book because I have $20 in fines from movies I forgot to return before Spring Break.
8. I just want to take a nap.
9. My hair needs to be cut so bad, but I can't afford it!
10. Wedding stuff. So. Much. Wedding. Stuff.
At least Alice gives me the hope. All the best people really are mad.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Embrace the Camera

Today, I want to share my engagement pictures (well, the first five I have been able to see!). Sunday the King and I (hahaha I seriously cannot get over that) went to my hometown of Leesburg to take our pictures with the wonderful Kim Brock of KimBe Photography. We went to this old house and had a blast. I cannot rave enough about Kim and her style. She is spectacular. Nay, she is incredible. No, no, no.... she is perfect. So until I get the rest, this is the King and I embracing the camera:
We snuck into some random person's yard and walked out onto the marshy leaves for this sucker. Scared of alligators? You bet! Worth it? definitely!
Orange groves + bikes = a love almost as good as ours.
Right after we snapped this picture, I almost fell into Kim. The terrain was a lot ahrder to ride in than you'd think.
Ben's grandma made us this quilt (well, she made it for him and his future wife, years and years ago). We got it when we went to visit her over Spring Break.
I'm pretty sure Kim and Ben were having a discussion about my derriere at this moment. That's what I love about her; she catches the greatest moments!
Embrace the camera along with me and everyone over at The Anderson Crew.

All you have to do is take a picture of yourself and link up over on her page (click the name of her blog or the "embrace the camera" picture).

Have a fabulous Thursday everyone!

Just in case you were wondering, I totally dominated all of my school stuff yesterday. I have no clue how I did it all in the little time I did, but hey, why question it? Its done (for this week at least....)

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Never Ever Again...

... will I procrastinate. Seriously, I mean it this time.
Normally I perform better under the procrastination pressure, but today, I feel like this:
 Like the wind of all of my up-coming, missed and late school work are blowing right into my face as if to say, "you will be defeated young one." 
I'm starting to feel defeated.
Crap, I just realized by posting this, I am only adding to the pressure. Why, oh why, does procrastination sneak up on me like this?

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

February... Via Instagram

Better late than never right?...........
A red lipstick lumber Jill; Delicious tacos for las tres cabaellas; A sweet Valentine's loot; Long hair, aka weave.
The best day after Valentine's gift ever!; Study dates in the library; A celebratory toast with the ladies; Cami's delicious desert.
Exhausted after a weekend of babysitting; Arby's for the fourth time in two weeks; Newest cousin Kinley Grace Martin; I said yes to the dress!
And we are already almost half way into March! This year is really flying by.

Monday, March 12, 2012

A Few Things

I feel like I use that title so much that it might have to become a reoccurring post. I've also noticed that it happens once I've been out of town for a bit. We got back from our trip on Friday (after an excruciatingly long car ride) and Saturday I went with Christina to get her wedding gown. She bought it. After being engaged not even a full five days. Whoa. I promise I'll post more about Savannah and the rest of Alabama this week, but I have a few things I want to share.

1. The March Head Shots:
Once again, the beautiful Diane did a fantastic job. What should we do for April y'all? I was thinking a giant Easter Bunny Costume? What say ye?

2. The King and I (tee hee hee) had our engagement pictures taken yesterday by KimBe Photography. I cannot wait to show them to y'all.... once I get a look at them. I'm literally chomping at the bit. Well, really figuratively, but you know what I mean. Lets just say orange groves, bicycles and this house. Also, we went to see my parents after the shoot.
I was so excited to see my little niece (lovingly referred to as Master Tutiful) that I forgot that I left my cell phone in her car seat....until we were back in Orlando and my sister called me saying that she found my phone. EPIC fail. Not going to lie though, I kind of loved not using my phone while we were out of town last week. Totally hating that I don't have it now.

3. The most important part of this post. Joseph Kony
Please, watch the video brought to you by Invisible Children, Inc.. I know it is 30 minutes long. I know that time is hard to come by, but I promise that if you watch, you will be apart of a huge change. You will be inspired. You will become a hero. You better believe I watched it, and am now apart of the cause. Kony 2012.
I love that the blogging world can make such a difference. Let us use our tool to make this cause spread like wildfire and bring these children home.

Friday, March 9, 2012

On the Road Again...........

Not a long post as it is 10 pm and we just went trough Gainesville. Yes, I am still on the road. We left Boaz this morning around 10 am. It is only supposed to be a 10 hour car ride. We are now pushing 14 hours. This is most likely due to the stop at Noccalulla Falls and the hunt for the "epic" slide Joe remembered down by the river. We found it and what was epic was how not epic it is now as adults. That did not stop us all from going down it.

Check back Monday to see if we survived this car ride or if we ended up like the Donner Party. Happy weekend y'all.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Grandmother's House - Part II

Grandma and Jake's house is on 27 acres and has two lakes. This morning, Ben took me out on the big lake. He is so sweet and a great rower. After a walk through their fields we raked and burned more of the yard. This is thrilling right?! Right. It gets better.

This afternoon we went to a third cousin's thirty times removed (or something like that) deer farm. Not only are there like a GAZILLION deer, but there are two kangaroos, peacocks and elk. It was like our own personal petting zoo.

I feel like we did something else today.... Wait! Ben and I picked out our quilt that grandma made us. Pretty big deal! All in all it's been an amazing trip and I kind of fell in love with Alabama. I may or may not be coming home.

Tomorrow's 8 hour car ride, well, I literally shudder at the thought.

Oh! I remember the other thing... I became a Lumbar Jill today. It's the girl equivalent of a Lumbar Jack. Check it, yo.


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