Friday, December 10, 2010


I really love my parents. They have always given me everything I could have possibly ever needed and more. Today my sister and I were talking about what to get mom and dad for Christmas and we were discussing how much my parents sacrifice and the hardships that they have to keep to themselves to make us kids feel safe and provided for. I know quite a bit about their struggles, but I'm sure there is a world more that they have shielded me from because, well, they are my parents and they don't want me to worry about it. Lindsey shared with me a little story about something that she noticed my dad doing the other day and lets just say it brought a tear to my eye. I'm not going to openly share it because I'm sure my dad would rather know that it was a private moment for him, but regardless, it reiterated to me the sacrifices they make and the fact that they are more than just human. A human would break down in defeat; trust me, my parents have seen defeat. No, my parents are super-humans; they have made a great life for me and they are the greatest. I am so greatful for them and their emense sacrifices for me and my sisters. They are my super-heros.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

More Girls Should Be Like Me

A direct quote from Ben's boss Geoff, who I hope to work for!:

"Why can't more girls be like you?!"

I know that you all are thinking, "This is so true! Kaylee is amazing and wonderful and I want to be exactly like her!," but it's not what you're thinking. I went to go meet Ben at his office for lunch yesterday and while I was waiting somehow Geoff and I started talking about marriage. Geoff was telling me that marriage isn't, "Okay, lets go get hitched!," it's really, "Holy crap, I have to buy a ring and a honeymoon!" I told Geoff that if Ben and I get married, he's totally lucking out because I have decided that I want a pearl wedding ring (a fraction of the cost of a diamond and it's more "me" AND no other girl I know will have one!) and I'm the only girl I know that spends most of her time looking for the most amazing travel deals even though she has no money to spend. Thats where Geoff said, "Why can't more girls be like you?"

April and I were looking online to see what a pearl wedding ring would even look like (I'm silly and yes, us girls always look at crap like that). We ended up finding this website *WARNING!* If you go to this site, you will become addicted and possible send all of your life savings, like me! Its this site were people have their own online shops to sell home made stuff... well I found my wedding ring, and its a whopping $40! Granted, it's not real, but I highly doubt that the real version of it would break the bank. Plus it could totally be my something blue right?

Five Things

5 things that make me happy...

1. Having the life squeezed out of me.

2. Watching Bollywood/Hindi/foreign movies.

3. The thought of curling up to a fire on a cold day and reading a classic.

4. Bento's Mexican roll.... yum. yumm. yummm...

5. Listening to my music in the car SO loud that I feel like it's a soundtrack to the movie I'm living called Life.

Monday, November 8, 2010

A Great Weekend

This last weekend was one of the best I have had in a while... I actually got to relax, and on top of that, Ben was able to relax too and we just had a great time. On Friday night we went to the church for movie night; it was Toy Story 3 and it was hilarious!!! I have never seen Ben laugh so hard in my life (he mostly laughs on the inside). I wanted to try playing Spanish music to see if he would react like Buzz did when they reprogrammed him. After the movie, a group of my friends all went to have dinner and desert at the Cheesecake Factory... yum yuummm yuuuummmm.... It was so much fun... I even got to have a whip cream fight with Ben. I don't know how we managed to get some of the "older" people in the group to go bowling at midnight, but we did. I haven't been in forever and I am still HORRIBLE! My first game I bowled a 45 and the second game I got a 97... at that point it was 2 am and we had a service project bright and early, so we left.

Orange County provides services to the homeless and lower income households in the county for free and these little fair like things. Well this one was more based around the family and spending more time together. Ben and I got assigned to watch the playground (it was freezing btw). I think parents saw us as two creepers chilling on the playground instead of as volunteers, so most of the kids stayed away from the playground. Eventually more kids come (I think as it got warmer) so we were able to somewhat volunteer. I even got to see saw with a precious 9 year old named Virginia.

That night Ben and I got to hang out and relax and then I even got him to hang out with me on Sunday after Stake Conference. Stake Conference was pretty cool. We got a new stake presidency. I don't think I have ever had a stake presideny that didn't include President Holladay or President Bush, and now they are both in this new one! Oh I forgot to mention that I am now the 1st counselor in the College Park Relief Society. I'm loving it so far, but it is a lot more work and dedication that I would have originally thought.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

First Things First

As the title says...

First: I went on private because I have had a private blog that I was using as a journal. The posts were emails that Amanda Knowles and I had been sending back and forth a couple of times a week and had personal and intimate things in them. Well said blog was somehow discovered by someone at work who showed it to my boss and they tried using it as a mechanism worth firing me over. I deleted it and made everything else ubber private in my life, so now they can't. Problem solved.

Second: I had a pumpkin carving party the second to last Saturday in October with mine and Ben's families. It was a lot of fun and everyone got pretty creative with their carving skills; there were even power tools, wire, and Mr. Potato Head pieces being used. The night ended on a not so great note however. My friend and ex co-worker, April, and her boyfriend, Phil, came over to join in on the festivities. Well once our families left, Phil and Ben decided to go on a motorcycle ride. Long story short, Phil couldn't make a turn on the bike and laid it down going close to 45 mph. Luckily he jumped off the bike as it went off the road. He didn't have a helmet on and only suffered a compound fracture of his tibia and fibula and a broken collar bone. They were pretty serious injuries (hello! his bones were sticking out of his leg!!!), but it was a pretty awesome trade for what could have happened.

Third: I had a costume party on the Saturday before Halloween (I know, two parties in a row; I must be a party animal!). Ben and I dressed as Margot and Ritchie Tenenbaum. No one knew who we were. I didn't really care, but it did suck when I looked pretty lame compared to all the other girl's cute and flirty costumes. Oh well! At the end of that party, we all headed out to the mud hole at like midnight. Thank goodness there were no injuries this time!

I'm not quite sure what else to write. I know I'm forgetting something. Oh well... Oh! I have all A's in my classes as of midterms, so yeah! Eat that FSU!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Just A Polite Reminder

I'm going private tomorrow night... let me know if you want to keep getting little tid bits of Kaylee joy... I need your emails yo...

Friday, October 22, 2010


Last year my good friend Jay bought me a Haunted Cookie House to make and I made it with my cousins and well, it was special. This year I bought one for me to make with these girls I'm babysitting. April and I wondered if it would be easier to decorate it and then put the walls and roof on so everything could have time to set. It worked WAY better! I was so stoked! Also here is the third October surprise; for the girls it was Halloween socks and glow sticks and for the guys, 10 free Frosty coupons! Geez I love Halloween!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Picture Time

April and I went to TJMaxx and found these jems

This is O'Henry and we are made for each other

Literally made for each other

How could you not want this little face?!

April and Phil got me an October Surprise

This is what happens with my October Surprises

Tim threw the sticky stretchy rats up on the roof... they stuck for a long while!

I found this super cheap at TJMaxx and I thought it was perfect for me

This is October Surprise number 2, sticky rats, parachuting guys, stickers, and growing spongy things... tons of childlike fun!!! Man I love October...


Due to some pretty gnarly crap happening to me lately I'm making this blog private, so if you want to have access you need to post a comment or email me with your email address so you can see it from now on. I plan on going private by Monday, so get on it!

Sunday, October 10, 2010

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year!

IT'S OCTOBER!!!!! My absolute, hands down, number one, favorite month! It's the start of fall and it houses the best holiday-- Halloween!!!!! Mama Marzek always did this thing called "October Surprises" when I was in middle school and high school and even into college. I've decided to adopt it into my life and this is the second year of it. I've been stoked for October for over two months now and I think I've infected others with the Halloween bug! Ben and I are having a pumpkin carving party with our families and then a Halloween party on the 30th with some friends! I already have all of my October Surprises underway... the first one was a goody bad with a Halloween pencil, some cat erasers, and a cute little Halloween sticky note pad. Number two is coming up right around the corner. Also, this October is really special too because it has 5 full weekends! 5 Fridays, 5 Saturdays, and 5 Sundays! According the some guy on the radio, this isn't happening for like another 800 years or something (maybe it was like 250 years, I can't really remember, but regardless its a long time!).

I got my hair cut a couple of weeks ago too. At first I thought it was the worst thing to ever happen to my head, but once I got to style it the next day, I decided it wasn't sooo bad. I'm totally getting used to the bangs....

Oh and check out this enormous chocolate cake we had at work the other day... The picture doesn't do it justice, but I tried using a foil box to scale it. The cake had five layers of chocolate cake with huge layers of fudge in between with another layer of fudge on top with chocolate chunks in it with more chunks of brownie. It was intense and I, the biggest chocolate lover ever, took one bite and wanted to die because of the chocolate overload in one bite. Needless to say, I tossed my teeny tiny sliver of it out...

Family Time

A few weeks ago I went to go visit my Aunt Jamie and her kids with Ben. After a ton o cancellations and rescheduling we finally got together with them for Sunday dinner and games. I brought Aunt Jamie and Ashely some cookies from Cookie Cousins and found some super cheap ones for the boys, well because they are boys and it doesn't really matter to them as long as it tastes good right?! While Aunt Jamie was cooking dinner, I noticed Brice licking all of our silverware at the table and then placing them back down for us to pick up and use later. What a little booger, but that's what I love so much about him! The boys were all getting their haircuts and boy, you would have thought that they were sitting in the electric chair instead of a stool getting their hair cut. Poor Hayden had snot drooling out of his nose.... kind of gross, in a cute way... Once the kids went to bed, Ben and I played Cranium with Aunt Jamie and Uncle Jeremy. I think Ben got to see where my competitive nature and absolute silliness comes from. Needless to say Ben and I lost, but there will be a rematch, so bring it Aunt Jamie!

Last weekend Ben and I headed up to Jacksonville to see my Aunt Jodi and her family. I never really get to spend alone time with them so it was much needed and I miss the girls! Ben and I left late Thursday night after our classes and we got there around midnight. Aunt Jodi hadn't told the girls that I was coming, but that they were going to have a surprise in the morning. Well I heard the girls get up super early and since I was laying in Kaitlyn's bed I slowly sat up to say, "Hi!" In hindsight I realize how stupid that was because watching someone slowly rise out of your bed right when you wake up, especially when its dark and you have no clue who that person is, is probably one of the scariest things a person could see. It scared Kaitlyn, but thanks to Taylor she realized it was me and both came to give me a big hug. Ben got to sleep in the "dungeon" so he got to sleep in super late, so while he slept and my aunt was at work and I was sitting at her house along, I watched 4 episodes of gangland--intense. Once I got Ben up and we both got dressed we went with Aunt Jodi and Kaitlyn to eat lunch with Taylor at her school. Both girls are hilarious and crack me up. They remind me so much of me and Lindsey.

After lunch, Ben and I went into Jacksonville. Since we're both into historic kind of stuff we decided to hit up the Southern Museum of History. I have 4 words for you, "War Between the States." If you grew up in the south at all, you know that as a true sign of a Dixie boy, and, according to our curator, another sign of a Dixie boy is "that stompin you can't stop when you hear old Dixie playin and then you let out a good ole rebel yell!" Southern Pride. White Power. These are just a few of the things I learned about in this intsy wintsy museum. I did learn a lot though, in all seriousness. They had an extensive Civil War (excuse me, War between the states) library and the man even showed us how to look up our southern ancestors and see what battles they fought and what their end out comes were... There was only one Hornsby, and I have no clue if I'm related, but the man told me that I shouldn't want to because he went AWOL and defected to the north (the reaction on that man's face when he read it was CLASSIC!).

Once we left our little precious museum, we hit up the Jacksonville Landing. MAJOR disappointment, probably because it was Friday during the afternoon while everyone was still at work. There was, however, a big blue bridge that we could walk across and see the skyline and river, so we did that. We found a ladder up on the bridge for maintenance guys, so we climbed up it. Let's just say I got nervous from the hight. After that adventure, I had Ben drive me around to tons of different craft places and Publix so I could get stuff to make caramel apples with the girls because, IT'S OCTOBER!!! I finally found everything I needed to make them and the girls and I had a blast doing it, even if my aunt still probably has most of them still in her fridge because the chocolate and sprinkles on them were too much. I got to pick the Friday movie night movie, Hercules, and it was great!

The next morning, Ben and I took the girls geocaching. I explained it to them that it was a treasure hunt and that people hide things and we have to find them and that sometimes there are treasures in them! Sounds exciting huh?! Well the first one we tried finding was unfindable, and once we found the second one, the girls were tired and the "treasure" was not at all what they had imagined. Regardless, I got to spend some quality time with them and I wouldn't trade that for anything! After that we left and it was really hard to leave my Aunt Jodi and her girls. They were the getaway I needed! I loved spending all that time with them and I hope Ben did too... I think the girls just used him for his iPhone.

Once we left we hit up St. Augustine, one of my favorite places ever! It was rainy and Ben and I both were kind of over the day, but we decided to go see Ft. Matanzas just south of St. Augustine. Smallest fort ever! It was really cool because 1. it was free and 2. they had actors there to show you everything and they shot off a couple of cannon balls.

All in all I loved spending all of that quality time with my Aunts. There is nothing like making memories with your family members and I sure am lucky to have the Aunts that I do. They love me and I love them; what more could I want?

Monday, October 4, 2010

Credit Kills

In 11th grade I went to a Gator's football game with a friend and I wanted a Gator's t-shirt. He had the brilliant idea of signing up for a credit card to get the t-shirt for free and since he was 18, he could. Then a couple of months later in my AP Economics class we watched a video on how teens and young adults under the age of 25 were committing suicide over being so in debt because of their credit cards. It was scary and I was really nervous, especially when everyone of my teachers warned us that when we turn 18 and start college our mailboxes would be overflowing with offers for credit cards and we needed to be careful or we might end up like those in the videos. I never once got one of these offers and I honestly don't ever remember going to an FSU game and seeing a free t-shirt offer for signing up for a credit card.
The past few months it would have be really handy for me to have a credit card because 1. I need to start my credit, and 2. because I've had some hefty expenses with my car and school that could have been afforded over smaller payments. I have been rejected for almost every card that I've applied for and its starting to get frustrating. This frustration has made me look further into why I'm not getting one and why I was never overwhelmed with credit card applications. One thing that I found was that credit card companies are not allowed to issue a credit card to those who are under the age of 21 without a substantive income. I have no clue if that is why I haven't gotten one or if its for other reasons, but one thing I do know is that this quest of mine to start my credit and be a responsible adult is slowly killing me. I guess credit does kill, whether you have it or are trying to have it.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

That Big Question

Boys forget that girls get really scared by marriage too; girls forget that girls are scared. Where boys are scared that they have to provide for someone else and be with someone constantly and mesh their life with someone else's, girls get freaked out that they will have to be the emotional rock and that they are giving up any and all personal freedoms for the rest of their lives to their husband and his children.
I'm not going to lie--I'm terrified of it. On the flip-side, I know it's going to be hard and I know what I'm capable of: loving unconditionally. This quality means that no matter what, I love until there is no love left to give, and we all know love is endless. With that I know that come what may, I will love every moment of it and I will make it the best years of my life.
This post isn't to drop any hints or anything. No mom I'm not getting hitched and Ben, I'm not trying to press it or anything :) I'm posting this because I think it's important for me to know this about myself. This is something that I have been trying to figure out for myself and what I feel about it because, after all, eventually and sooner-than-later I'll need to know! I know this: bring it and I'll conquer it and it will be amazing. BlogBooster-The most productive way for mobile blogging. BlogBooster is a multi-service blog editor for iPhone, Android, WebOs and your desktop

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Three Important Things

First things first -- two men both just held the elevator door for me; that's how special I am!

Second -- I'm far as parking is concerned at work. There wasn't any other available parking in the lot when I got here today so I was stuck parking in the expectant mother space. When I get caught I can't decide what to do; 1. Get crazy emotional and freak out on the person or 2. Just say I'm expecting to be a mother one day and that I guess I read the sign wrong.

Third -- and I can not believe I'm about to devote such precious space to this topic, but I must. Taylor Swift. Oh how I'm so irritated and tired of your droning on about boys and heartache and revenge via the sound waves! This girl has got issues! I've been through plenty of heart-break; maybe I should become a singer/songwriter and make millions too. Let me be honest. I was a huge Taylor fan before she was big. Junior year of high school I told tons of people about her and how great her songs were. Then her second album came out. It was the same old thing but tons more people listening. Next comes my ex-roommate, Tabitha, who grossly overplayed the poor girl's songs into a pulp! Now she's the ex-girlfriend of the teen wolf superstar, Jacob, and acting in movies and singing the same old tune. What brought about this post full of angst? That would be: as I drove through downtown a few minutes ago her song was yet again the most requested song of the hour and as I turned the station in frustration I noticed the dude, DUDE, in the car next to me singing along. Taylor, you make me sick! BlogBooster-The most productive way for mobile blogging. BlogBooster is a multi-service blog editor for iPhone, Android, WebOs and your desktop

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Old Bird Never Talk Again

I'm in a Spanish Class. I chose to take it because it fir one of my requirements and I also thought it would be cool to understand what Ben's saying all he time without asking him to retell it to me in English. Since I only have class one night a week, it makes it hard to have what I learn stick. I had my first test yesterday and it wasn't too bad, but I find myself getting frustrated with myself because I'm not learning it as quickly as I do everything else. When I took Latin in high school, my teacher took pitty on me for the three years and just let me do a bunch of cultural projects and mythology geared activities because she didn't want me to fail and I totally wasn't getting he language. I am so worried that that is what will happen with this class, which in turn stresses me out even more! So I decided to have a heart to heart with my Professor, Senor Flores, after class and told him how I feel slow and that I'm not grasping the language yet. He reminded me that it was only our second class and that it takes 7 years, 5 days a week for at least an hour, to be fluent in a language. Then he told me that the Spanish have a saying, "Old bird never talk again." It means, that once you've learned to talk its hard to learn talking any other way. You're already used to what you have. So I'm just hoping that I'm not an old bird yet, and that I can still get this. Its weird how my elective is going to be the class that I put the most effort in to pass. Biology, no problem. Paralegal Studies, sinch. Greek and Roman Humanities, I laugh at it. Spanish, Ay, caramba!

This is the bird or snype, named Kevin, from the movie "Up!" When my Professor told me that saying, the facial expression this bird makes most of the movie is what I felt like. He's always awkward, and has big bulgy eyes. I'm sure if you were my Spanish Professor, this would be the face you see me making most of class!

Monday, September 13, 2010

Cookie Cousins

I had to do a run today to a gourmet cookie shop in College Park. I've always wanted to go in there and I was so excited that I actually was bit exceeded my expectations. A whole shop devoted to the cutest cookies I had ever seen wasn't enough- nope, I had to make sure that these cookies actually were delicious too. You know how fondant cakes look amazing, but almost always taste horrible? I was so worried that these precious cookies would be the same. They were delicious! I grabbed a cute baby footprint one that was blue for my co-worker who is having a baby boy named Benjamin and I got the cutest fish for myself. We were so torn over wether or not we should eat them so we took pictures first.

Also I just downloaded an app on my iTouch so I can blog anywhere. I did this because I got to school early tonight and instead of studying for my Spanish test I am now blogging! Yeah for procrastination! Wish me luck on this test and if your ever in College Park hit up Cookie Cousins- totally worth it!BlogBooster-The most productive way for mobile blogging. BlogBooster is a multi-service blog editor for iPhone, Android, WebOs and your desktop

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Spider Mania

I want you to imagine with me a creature. This creature has multiple legs that are quite long; probably as long as your fingers are. Now imagine this said creature having bright colors all over their torso. As you look closely to this creature you notice it's weaving a golden web thats big enough for a human to lie in. Then you notice that there is a fly stuck on this web and this creature is slowly dragging the fly towards it. You get freaked out so you start to walk away. Then you see another one! Don't look up! Oh no! They're everywhere!!!! What you are seeing are hundreds of Banana Spiders!
I hate Spiders, even the tiniest little insty-wentsy ones. Ben's co-worker invited us to their New Symrna condo and it was awesome, until she asked me if I had seen the spiders everywhere and then pointed one out to me. After that I couldn't not see and they were everywhere! I couldn't walk, I was so frozen with fear. Other than the insane amount of massive spiders I really enjoyed my time away with Ben. We got breakfast at a Mom's cooking joint and studied at the pool and chilled on the beach. Minus the spiders, I'd totally recommend it.

Two months ago I finally got my Visiting Teaching assignments and today in Relief Society we had a lesson on VT. It's something I've always liked and it was never hard for me to do. Well during the lesson the teacher asked us to share stories of how visiting teaching has impacted us and one of the girls I teach shared that her visiting teacher makes her feel loved and that she's worth something. She loves that someone actually cares about whats going on in her life and that she's happier since she started being taught. That is the greatest blessing to me; getting to know that I am doing what the Lord has asked me to do and that I truly do impact these women's lives. Did I mention that I love visiting teaching?

Also, I've been rewatching Gilmore Girls on DVD as I study and get ready and I stumbled upon what my wedding is really going to be like. Please enjoy :)

Apple of My Eye

April Bushman + Me + an Apple = well just look at the evidence.


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