Wednesday, February 29, 2012

A Letter to Two Very Important People

My Dearest:
It has been brought to my knowledge numerous times yesterday that I may have not only offended you, but also those whom frequent you fine establishments, when I posted this post. For that, I am truly sorry. 

I would hope that you would never think that I think the worse of either of you. I would also hope that you know that I look highly upon both of you. If you have heard, or read otherwise, please, just take THIS as my word. 

First, I'll address you, David's (can I call you David's? I feel like since we have actually met and had a pleasant encounter I can call you by your first name... please, let me know if I am wrong). In no way was I trying to say that you are inferior or tacky when I said that you are overwhelmingly generic and huge. David's, we both know you are huge (300 stores in over 45 state, Canada and Puerto Rico). That's not a bad thing! A woman is never defined by her size and huge, well that means there is more loving and joy for you to spread! Overwhelmingly generic? David's, you silly girl you, you know you are. Just like Wal*Mart sells the same products as the name brands, but at half the price, you are also doing not only America, but Canada and Puerto Rico a HUGE favor. So glad we could chat and fix that issue! 

Wally (we've been life long friends, so I KNOW I can call you by your nickname), girl, do I love you! Not only do you give my Nana a job, but me, my family and all of my friends frequent your humble establishment on a daily basis. THAT is how much we really love you. Because you and I are so close, I know it was okay to use you as a metaphor for being "huge and overwhelmingly generic. You aren't nearly as sensitive as David's, so I won't go into trying to explain those two statements (but if you feel like you also need an explanation about being generic and overwhelmingly huge, please! feel free to refer to my apology to David's above). I do want to say sorry if it hurts your feeling that people talk bad about you. HAVE NO FEAR! I am currently working with the People-of-Wal* and Urban Dictionary so that they can remove their offensive and utterly wrong statements about you. Wally, you know I always have your back!

Man, I am so glad we were all able to sit down, chat, not jump to any irrational conclusions and stay friends. That's what life is about: making new friends, but keeping the old, because one is silver while the other is gold. I love you my silver and golden friends. And one last time, for the record:
If there are every any problems, know you can come talk to me and we'll fix it because I'm a loving person who has YOUR best interests at heart.

 Lots of love,

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

A Horrid Day and an Epic Post Yet to Come

Remember how I was raving about the great day I had last week? Yep, well today turned out to be quite the opposite of that. Sorry nothing interesting today, but I have the most epic post you will ever read tomorrow. I'll give you three hints: Wal*Mart, David's Bridal and hilarity.

Until then, I'm going to do some yoga, hop in the shower, make myself a hot cup of herbal tea and sit down with an old friend, Truman Capote.

Monday, February 27, 2012

How I Spent My Weekend

I feel like I had the craziest weekend. Thursday night and Friday night I babysat until the wee hours of the morning (while the King pimped himself out to be KimBe's assistant during the All Star Weekend). If you ask Jess and Diane, they will tell you that I babysit more than anyone they know. This may be true, however, I would like to get more in. I love watching kids. Basically you are getting paid to have fun and play with them. What could be more fun then that I ask you?.... Don't answer that. I am sure you'll come up with something.
 All Star weekend was in Orlando. Let me tell you. You think Orlando's traffic is bad? Wait until 1 am to drive down I4 during this weekend. That, my friends, is bad traffic. I did get to see a stretch Porsche Cayenne limo. If I ever have to pick a limo to ride in, that would be it.

Saturday I went dress shopping. I'll give you the short, watered down version because, well, we all know I tend to be long winded.  I went to David's Bridal in the morning. I was actually really against this because I see them as the equivalent of the Wal*Mart of the dress world (not necessarily on quality, but the fact that it is huge and overwhelmingly generic). I would try on these gorgeous dresses, but not have the reaction I wanted. I started to feel uglier and uglier with each dress I slipped on. As all the other girls around me would ring their bell as they said "yes to the dress" I slipped into a depression (adding to this depression was the house DJ playing "Ring My Bell" every time one of the girls would, ring.their.bell). Let's just say that I ended up having an emotional break down that ended with me crying in this beautiful dress by myself in my dressing room. I left there and headed over to Formally yours in Eustis.
My mom made this appointment and apparently the shop owner is moving out of selling bridal gowns. This means that everything bridal in her store is on MAJOR clearance. I went in and thought that I wouldn't be able to find anything, but I pulled over 12 dresses, tried them all on,. loved every single one of them and left with a dress that was $1,100, but I paid $400 for it. These are this seasons's dresses people! EVERYONE needs to hop on over and grab a dress. Even to just make money off of these suckers. You literally could just turn around, sell them back and make money!!! Anyhoo.... Here is a preview of my dress. I am in love folks!
Moral of this story: ummmm I don't know... Avoid David's Bridal? Actually, that's not entirely true. My consultant was very nice and made me feel fantastic. I just don't think I was really emotionally ready for the experience.

I ended the night by going to meet my newest cousin, Kinley Grace Martin. Kinley, I am so excited to have you as apart of our family! You are so precious and have the most beautiful little lips!
Yesterday, I was sick. Boo.

And that, ladies, is how I spent my weekend.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

If You Asked Me,

Ever read Casey's blog? If not, you should. Right now. Seriously. I'm not kidding.
I'll wait........................
Back yet? Okay, good.
Casey does this thing called "If you asked me," where she just tells you what is going on her life. As if you were asking her. I love the idea, so I'm going to try it out.

I would tell you that I have thoroughly bitten off all ten of my fingernails. Either in anticipation of my upcoming wedding or from the stress. Not sure yet.

I would tell you that I am not sure if "bitten off" is grammatically correct.

I would tell you that I feel so sleep deprived from full-time work and full-time school.

I would tell you that I am going to be even more sleep deprived over the next few days as I am babysitting after work, working a PR event in downtown Orlando with KimBe and I'm dress shopping.

I am so excited to go dress shopping!

I would tell you that I ate an entire tin of Dove chocolate truffles over the past few days... and my extra oily face is proof.

I would tell you how much I love the blogging world. It makes my day a lot brighter.

I would tell you that I am so thankful for not only loving parents and family, but for a loving Heavenly Father who keeps blessing me over and over again.

I would tell you that I think the roses that are on my desk from the King smell like potatoes. Yes, potatoes. In the form of wedges.

I would tell you that I am the happiest I have ever been in a very long time.

What would you tell me? Link up and share!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

It's One of Those Days

Ever have a day where you are just so consumed with happiness? For no obvious reason at all?
Today is one of those days my friends. 
I just cannot ignore how happy and loved I feel.
I feel like I literally could spread sunshine around (wouldn't that be amazing if we could?).
There is nothing that has happened that is special.
There is nothing that is out of the ordinary.
It is just a good day.
I have lots to be grateful and thankful for.
I have a great life.
I wish I could bottle up this emotion for the rough days. But, for now, today is enough.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

An Engagement Story

After telling this story like 100 times over the past week, I feel like I have either perfected it or I have overly exaggerated it. Either way, this is my version. I'm sure Ben's is a little different. Maybe he'll put some input in later...
A little background for the story: Ben and I just overcame a little rough patch and last year's Valentines day was not super romantic. These two things made it possible for me to have NO CLUE that he was about to propose.

Around lunchtime on Valentine's day,  a large bouquet of red roses dropped off with the sweetest card from Ben (in Spanish) along with a screaming monkey toy (I wanted it... don't ask). We both had class that night and I knew we would see each other after, but I figured that was the extent of my Valentines day and I was okay with that.

We both went to class (I don't think I have ever checked my phone more during those few hours than I have in my life) and I waited for his text that he was out of his class. Somehow, I beat him and he promised to meet me at my house. Around 9:30 he picked me up and I gave him his presents (the sweetest V-Day mix-tape EVER and a new water bottle for his bike). We got into his Jeep and headed downtown for dinner. Normally, Ben likes to just go with the flow and never has a plan (unlike me) so when he hadn't asked me where I wanted to go and was already heading in the direction of downtown, I was pleasantly surprised. He surprised me with dinner at Bento so I could have sushi (something he isn't crazy about, but I am). This is where we had our first dinner together... MANY MANY MOONS AGO. 

Throughout dinner, Ben was super nostalgic and playing the "remember when" game with me (something he normally doesn't like to play). I chalked the nostalgia up to the two reasons I mentioned before. So we were sitting there eating our grub (sushi for me, black bean chicken bento box for him) and the restaurant was trying to close (because we barely made it in the doors before they closed) so we rushed out (with the help of our absent minded waitress) and Ben asked me if I wanted to go walk around Lake Eola. Keep in mind, it is like 11pm and Lake Eola is beautiful, but the homeless invade after dark.

Our first time we ever hung out, Ben and I went long boarding in a parking garage in downtown followed by a walk around the lake, so this was once again, SUPER nostalgic. At this point, I had a little hope that he would propose, but I told myself that he isn't cliche enough to do it on this day and in this setting (something I am SUPER grateful for) so when we walked around the entire lake and he hadn't popped the question, I was okay. It is almost midnight and I figured out night was wrapping up, but it wasn't.

Instead of driving north out of downtown towards my house, Ben was driving south. I was confused. And tired. Not a great combination. I asked him where we were headed and he said, "Where's the only place we could go?" I was really confused. Then it hit me... "Are we going long boarding too? In our parking garage?" Yes siree, we were. I was glad that I had worn jeans and some flats, but Ben, being super sweet and thoughtful, had broken into my house earlier to get jeans, a t-shirt, shoes and a hoodie for me... just in case. We long boarded for a little while (something I am NOT good at, but Ben tries to help me with) and when we were done, he wanted to climb the top of the elevator shaft building that was on top of the parking garage.

*This is where it gets good*

I never realized how scared of heights I was until I was half way up the ladder on the side of the elevator building. To say I was freaking out would be an understatement. With Ben's encouragement, I got up on top of the roof (although I never got off of my hands and knees. There was NO WAY I was standing up). Crouching 6 stories in the air was the most terrified I had ever been. Ben asked me to come help him off the ladder. I thought to myself, heck no, no one helped me off of that thing. I told him I couldn't move. He asked for my help again. I told him I thought I was going to puke. He said he really needed my help and even used his shoulder hurting him as an excuse. I caved and crawled, ever so carefully and slowly, over to the edge to help him up. He handed me his hand and started to smile. I thought he was smiling because he was making fun of how much of a chicken I was so I jerked my hand back. When I did, I felt something in my hand.

It was the ring.

I looked up at him and as quickly as he could he said:
"Kaylee, will you marry me."

I don't think I ever said yes (remember, I am petrified to be at the edge of a tall building and I'm tired, not to mention I thought for a split second that he was joking), but I think the super intense hug/laughing/eye-watering, but no crying gave my answer away. He finally climbed up onto the roof by himself and we had a great moment together just staring out over downtown. It was perfect and completely surprising.

The getting down from the roof... well, that's a completely different story.

One of Two Posts you Get to Read Today

I have two things that I need to share with you lovely people.
One is my engagement story.
The other is the Head Shot Project that I am doing with Diane.

Right now, you are going to get to read about the head shot project. SORRY!
I'm perfecting the engagement story (every mush gushy detail will NOT be spared).

I don't know if you noticed, but I look a little different over there in the about me picture.
Kind of like what (I think) I would look like if I were chilling with Marie A. back in the 1700s.
Inspired by C. Jane's year of head shots, I decided to collaborate with the wonderfully talented Diane (aka Lil Smokey) to do our own version.
This means that you will get to look forward to a  new head shot every month of moi!
I know, I know. You cannot contain your excitement.
Most of the time, you will probably see something ridiculous that you can laugh at, but hey, I am trying here!

So, here are some of my favorite shots from February (we were going for a romantic feel, but not ultra Valentines-y):
Also, the FIANCE!!!!!! (yep, no longer bf) decided that he wanted to contribute his own version of the head shot for February...
He is so loving. Isn't he? What can I say... I was exhausted. And those Boppys? AMAZING!

So, any ideas for the March head shot shoot? Seriously? We need some ideas, or you'll see a not so sprightly leprechaun... And it won't be pretty.

I promise the engagement post later. Probably not any pictures though. There was only one taken and I'm still trying to decide if I think it is internet worthy.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

The Morning After

So sorry I forgot to blog yesterday. Well, except I didn't forget. I was just busy. 
Busy with what you might ask? Oh, just answering TONS and TONS of phone calls (seriously, like a ton. My phone died. It has never done that before). 
Why the phone calls? Nothing big really.... other than....
Check out that rock! The King did good, and by good, I mean he got the exact ring I want. 
That sucker is almost 100 years old.

Like I mentioned before, I have been on the phone non-stop since it happened. Mix that with almost no sleep (thanks to the excitement and phone calls) as well as pure adrenaline and you have...
or more like crazy Kaylee. The jury is still out on that one.
Since I have told the story like 2800 times in the last 24 hours, I think I need to take a break.
No worries though; I promise to write it down soon and share it.
It is an epic tale of  nostalgia, skate boarding, sushi, parking garages, a climb of death, lake Eola and well, me being petrified. 
Sounds exciting right? It is!

Until then....

P.S. He proposed barely after midnight on the 15th. I'll take that since we don't want to be cliche and say we were engaged on Valentines day :)

P.S.S. Since he is King Benjamin Gwyn, can I henceforth be referred to as Queen Gwyn? Gracias.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

To My Valentine:

5 Things I Love: Love

In honor of Valentines (WHICH IS TODAY!!! Click here for a great idea), I have decided to share about five things I love. Today, its all about love itself...
When I was in middle school I had an obsession with this guy:
Good ole Orlando Bloom... sigh...
All the way until I moved off to college I had a poster of him on the ceiling above my bed (so I could dream of him always, right? Riiiight.). One of the only things I really remember about him was that he was "in love with love." I remember reading that and thinking, "Me too! ME TOOOO!!!!!" which was followed by a very appropriate phase of me planning my wedding to Mr. Bloom.

I really have always been in love with love. The idea of love. The feelings that come from love. The hurt and joy that comes from love. Love makes you alive. It lasts an eternity. It can be felt for anything or anyone. It is not warranted. It is not justified. It is crazy. Love endures. Love inspires. Love changes the world.

If you know me, then you know I love a lot, I love hard and I love probably too freely. We're not just talking about people here. 
I literally love instagram (the app). 
I literally love Thin Mints (which I have eaten an entire sleeve of today).
I literally love the entire month of October.
I literally love the ocean (or any form of water for that matter).
I literally love every person who reads my blog (and is still reading this post!).
And I literally love the gospel.

Love is not limited to any specific person or thing. It is everywhere and in everything; I love that! Sometimes the things or people we love hurt us, but that is the beauty of love; if it is true, then there is always room for forgiveness (notice we have made a full round).

If you are wondering whom or what you really love, follow this guide:
Happy Valentines Day y'all! I am so excited for this day. I know that no matter what, I will always have the love of my daddy, my papa and my Heavenly Father, so it is a great day. Know that I love you too and that you (whomever you are) will have me as your valentine! (if you want... if not, then that's cool too).

Monday, February 13, 2012

5 Things I Love: My Friends

In honor of Valentines coming up (yep, 1 day guys... 1 day! Click here for a great idea), I have decided to share about five things I love. Today, its all about my friends, mis amigos, "the partners in crime." Let me explain...
I have been more than lucky to have some of the greatest people anyone could ever meet be my truest friends. That is an understatement. It is crazy to think of how much these people have influenced my life, shaped it and changed me for the good. I can break them all up into specific groups.

*Another Disclaimer: They will all probably kill me for the pictures I'm using. Oops.*

The Childhood/Lifelong Friends:
I met Laurel in middle school. I eavesdropped on her conversation with our Literature teacher about where she lived. The second I realized it was in my neighborhood, we became not only bus riding companions, but the best of friends. So what if she is a Florida Gator and I was a FSU Seminole? We still love each other. Laurel is who grounds me and keeps me on the straight and narrow. Plus she is the best at staying in contact. Especially when I don't deserve it.
In second grade Amanda moved into my class. From that moment on, I stalked her into becoming my best friend. We may not see/talk to each other for VERY extended periods of times, but I know this girl loves me. I really hope she knows that I love her more than words can describe. She'll be one of the first few people I call when major life events happen. She is my guardian angel and conscience and I hate to think who I would be without HER in my life.

The Transitional Friends:
Katie is probably my soul mate, or the closest thing I have to one. This girl gets me. She loves me even though I am very flawed and she knows it. She is the best listener and she will always be one of my truest loves. I don't care that she has Sam in her life... she knows that we're secretly each other's number one. Katie was, and still is, my biggest supporters throughout my many life changes.
Ever make a list of qualities you want in your perfect friend? Well I did and I found mine! It's Sara. She will tell you like it is, listen to you, care for you and help you through the roughest patches along the way, all while loving you and not judging you. She is so fun-loving and adventurous and I cant help but try to be so much more like her.

The Guys:
Every girl needs her guy friends. These happen to be mine and they happen to be brothers. Jay is the one who give me sound advice and passes along the best in music. He is the guy I go to when I need to remember that life is good. Greg is the one I can tell anything to. I can tell him all about the crazy stuff I've done and he'll laugh and then proceed to tell me that I am, in fact, crazy. It works. These guys have really been the best guy friends a girl can ask for. I love them both very much... blah blah blah mushy gushy stuff they could care less about....

School/Work Heroes:
Without Amanda, all of my paralegal classes would be horrible. I would have either died of boredom or ended up committing man slaughter against one of my teachers. Somehow it has worked out that we are in classes together every semester and I honestly cannot think of whom I would rather be taking pictures with the Cat Lover's Camera app or eating Rips with during class.
Everyone needs a Cami. End of story...
Just kidding. I wouldn't jip our friendship for that. Cami is really one of the most inspiring people I have met. She is the epitome of a strong, confident, lovely woman. She is like my big sister. She will ALWAYS call me out on my crap and then follow up with a laugh at one of my stupid jokes. Plus, she can make the most legit salsa in the world.... Work without her has been the worse. She made not only my working life better and more care free, but my life in general.
Jill is my former work/school friend. She is such a laid back and easy going friend, If it weren't for her, my life would not be nearly as mellow. She is the breath of fresh air that everyone needs in their life. Who else do you know that will invite you to go kayaking through a zoo to feed giraffes one day and then the next, knit with you in your real property class while the professor gives you such dirty looks? Jillian is my grandma/adventurer soul mate.

The Currents:
Diana aka little smokey aka the other Kardashian sister. She lights up my life... and my cell phone and I love it. I can always count of Diane to have sent me a million truly laugh out loud texts a day. Also, she always is taking pictures of me. "Why do you always have to take pictures of the things I do?!"... her response, "because they are presh." Who doesn't want a friend who thinks your weird quirks are presh? Not only is Diane beautiful on the outside, she is one of the most real and beautiful people on the inside. 
Gooooooooooo is the one word to describe my friendship with Jess. In fact, only she and Diana will get that. With all of our inside jokes, from the first blind date together to the violins in Diana's back yard, never is there a dull moment. She is my go-to on style and doses of reality. She is a sympathetic soul who the most "non-fake" person I know. If you can't love her, then I may have the biggest problem with you. No wait... if you cant love her, you just have problems. End. Of. Story.
Sweet sweet Meggles. The only person to rival my friendship with her would be that of Katie's. Its almost as if, from time to time, I am in a relationship with her. We knows the deepest dark secrets of me, the biggest and brightest moments and she supports me through it all. This girl will crack anyone up and you cannot help but feel like you are loved and one of the most popular people when you are in her presence. I am so grateful for her understanding love for me.

I sincerely love each and every one of these people. Never before has this quote been more true to me:

"Everyone needs good and true friends. They will be a great strength and blessing to you. They will influence how you think and act, and even help determine the person you will become."

Check back tomorrow to see my love for... well... love.

Friday, February 10, 2012

5 Things I Love: Blogging

In honor of Valentines coming up (yep, 4 days guys... 4 days! Click here for a great idea), I have decided to share about five things I love. Today, its all about blogging and the whole blogging world. Let me explain...
When I started out with this blog it was because my mom and aunts all had one. I was moving away to Tallahassee to attend FSU (GO NOLES!) and I thought a blog would be a great way to stay connected to them and to document my newly ultra fabulous life. It became a journal of sorts and I really liked it. Then my mom and aunts all kind of stopped blogging (curse you women! jk. Seriously, I was just kidding). I went through multiple lulls and then, blogging changed me completely.
I realized that there is an entire community world of bloggers out there, not just my mom and aunts. 
These girls and women had great ideas. 
They were experiencing a lot of the same things I was. 
They had pains like I do. 
We had common interests.
It was almost like signing up for a online dating service and then finding way more than none match. It is great!
I started to become friends with people via the internet. Other bloggers would help me out with any questions I had (still have... I have LOTS of questions). We would created incredible bonds.

The blogging world is incredible. It is fantastic. It is healing. It lifts your soul.

I don't know if any of my long time readers have noticed, but I have been changing this blog around. I'm switching it from a blog of straight up journaling for myself, to on that shares more of who I am, my life and how I see the world (I love this world). Click on the new tabs and see what I mean.

I hope that my blog inspires others.
I hope I meet even more people.
I hope that I can help/be there for others like "my bloggers" have been for me.
I love them and I love you. Welcome to my blog world!

Click here to see some of my absolute favorite blogs.

Check back Monday to see my love for my friends. It will be epic!

Thursday, February 9, 2012

5 Things I Love: Family

In honor of Valentines coming up (yep, 5 days guys... 5 days! Click here for a great idea), I have decided to share about five things I love. Today, its all about my family. I am so in love with them... Liking them however depends on the day.
I'm a lucky one who knows that I'll get to be with my family forever. FOREVER y'all. That is.... a long time. It's a great struggle sometimes, but it's the greatest blessing I could have. To think that I will get to always be with my immediate family, my cousins, my grandparents, aunts, uncles and even family that I have never even met yet, well, eternity doesn't seem like it will be so long after all.

I'm blessed to love these people:
He's single ladies! Inquiries taken via email.

 I am almost positive every single person in these pictures will kill me for using these pictures, but hey, I only have what I have to work with! They, plus so many other people not in these pictures, are my family. I love them so much. Each person has impacted my life in a different way, molding me and shaping me into who I am today. They are all beautiful souls and inspiring. I'm so grateful to have a large family to love on and rely on.

Check back tomorrow to see my love of the blogging world!

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

5 Things I Love: Forgiveness

In honor of Valentines coming up (yep, 6 days guys... 6 days! Click here for a great idea), I have decided to share about five things I love. Today, its all about forgiveness. Weird subject, I know, but it really is something I am in love with.
Over the past few days, I have had the rare opportunity to forgive, ask forgiveness and then forgive again and all with different people. I'm not going to go into the details (because then it wouldn't be true forgiveness right?) , but I was really hurt by someone's disregard fro me. I forgave them. I may or may not (and I mean I definitely did) chew them out for their actions prior to the forgiveness. They forgave me for that. Then, last night, out of the blue, someone I had not spoken to in years, and someone I though hated me, called and we had a very sweet and all around forgiving conversation.
There is something so cathartic about forgiveness. Whether you are on the giving or receiving side it is beautiful.  In all three cases, the person doing the forgiving could have held a grudge, but they didn't. The person asking for the forgiveness didn't have to come clean and ask, but they did. They were some of the sweetest moments I have had in a long time. 

In other news...
I wrote a children's book yesterday. What did you do?

Check back tomorrow to see my love for, well, my family. Enough said.


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