Thursday, August 25, 2011

Guest Blog Post. Kind Of.

Ben printed out a Tijuana Flats coupon earlier while I was at his office. I wanted to color it. So I did. As he walked me out to my car, he told me that I should put it on my wedding blog with the following post:

This is a couple who sells tacos. They like to sell tacos because it reminds them of Mexico. They are married. They went to Mexico. Now they sell tacos. They love tacos. They love each other. 
The end.

.... Something like that. So there you have it. The guest post by King Benjamin Gwyn. 

P.S. I hope we get to go to T.F. tonight and use this amazing coupon. *hint hint* amor.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

The Three Sisters

I have two sisters. Together we make the three Hornsby sisters. There is me, Kaylee, the oldest, most wisest of them all. Then there is Lindsey, the middle one, who is carefree and full of fire (and baby). Lastly there is Amber, The Baby, who is a perfect mixture of the two oldest. We all are amazing. We all are pretty (at least we think know so).

On Tuesday I got to spend time with both of my sisters, which is very rare for me. I got to go to one of Lindsey's doctor appointments for her and baby Ryleigh. Lets just say that one of the biggest downsides to pregnancy is the numerous doctor's visits you must participate in where you have to sit in the waiting room for two hours and spend only 5 minutes with the doctor. The bright spot in the visit for Lindsey was when me, yes her 21year old sister who is only 15 months older than her, got asked if she was the grandmother. I seriously looked at the nurse and asked, "Me? Me the grandmother? Nope. I'm only 15 months older than her." Even better was that the nurse was not only mortified, but she decided to tell the other nurses and doctors about her fetal (funny right?) error. Lindsey's doctor walks into the room and asks to see the youngest grandmother in the world. I told her that it was me and she said, "Whoa! Really? I wasn't expecting you," then proceeds to reference me as the grandmother. Sheesh people! As Lindsey and I left the appointment, we found "Loving Your Grandbaby" magazine. We couldn't help but take a picture with it. There was a great article on how I could better bring out my grandchild's potential.

That night Ben and I got to take Amber out for her 14th birthday, but a day early. I asked her where she wanted to eat and she said Panda Express. I know little Mimi loves her orange chicken, but I don't even think the Panda Express folks were prepared when she wanted four individual boxes of it (and then proceeded to finish them off, with class of course).

After the grub, we went shopping (trust me, Amber's digestive system needed the walking) where I tried introducing the now almost adult version of Amber to epic stores like Urban Outfitters, and my favorite, Anthropologie. She did not care for my "grandmother" stores (see above). Finally, she found a birthday gift she liked in Bath and Body Works and then Ben and I had to drop her back off at the temple (where the parentals were). Also, I later found out that while I saw using the restroom in the temple, Amber had stolen my iPad and had a photo shoot. Here is the evidence:

I really love my two sisters and I'm glad that I got to spend the much needed time with them. It's almost eerie how much we are alike sometimes.

Also, yesterday I got to go down to Tampa to see Chadwick's homecoming. Sara was fuuureakin out. I'm glad I got to be there with her. Check out mine, Sara's and Christina's posters.

Too legit.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

She's Launched!!!

There she blows mateys!!!!!!!! Up and running a day after I decided to make her, Quintessentially Yours, a Wedding Blog is now rip roaring and ready to go!

*Can you tell I'm more than excited with all of the exclamation marks I've used?*

To see her in all her glory click here.

Also, let's make this thing viral. Email it to your friends and have them email it to their friends. This is going to be exciting and thrilling and spectacular and anything else you can think of (well except for anything negative, like a failure. She's not going to be a failure).

Oh and make sure to grab a fabulous button right after you subscribe!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Dreamin' and Schemin'

Today I have been dreaming and scheming of plans. These plans are what I want to do with the rest of my life. I've come to a few major conclusions that, once put all together, will make me happy....-ier. I guess I'll let you in on my secrets, and here they are:

1. I'm starting a new blog (in addition to my personal one). Its already in the works (I'm just waiting for my co-worker to get back from lunch to help me with the kinks) and it's titled "Quintessentially Yours." What kind of blog is this going to be Kaylee? I'll tell you! It will not be that craft blog I mentioned doing before (that plan crashed and burned a long time ago.... may it rest in peace). No siree, it is a fresh new wedding blog. "But Kaylee, there are tons of wedding blogs out there!" Trust me, I more than anyone know! Where do you think I devote most of my spare time? If you didn't know, it would be on several wedding blogs. One thing I noticed was there aren't very many LDS wedding blogs. You know, the kind that focus on modest wedding dresses (not the kind we have to trick ourselves into altering), pictures outside of temples, advice on how to plan a temple wedding (especially if you are dealing with non-member loved ones), oh and d.y.i. decor that us lovely LDS women are more than obsessed with! Yep, that is what my blog will entail. I'll let you know when that is up and running.

2. I'm also going to be opening an etsy shop. It will be called "Quintessentials." I am so jealous of all the girls/women who get to work from home crafting and selling their fun stuff with others. I am stuck behind a desk. I hate being stuck anywhere, let alone a desk with harsh lighting. So, I'm putting my talents to use (in my spare time, since I have no clue how to create a business proposal and get a loan or anything like that). Some of my talents include embroidering, reading, concocting and frosting (as in what jewelry does for women). I'll be making/selling, among other things, some amazing jewelry (mostly bracelets), hand embroidered bookmarks and homemade bath scrubs (that will be tried and true). Get excited for this people!

All of this leads up to end goal number three....

3. One day opening up the store, "Quintessentially Yours," which will be a full-on LDS bridal/prom/clothing/accessories/what-ever-else-I-want store in Florida for all of us gals who are tired of altering our clothes or flying to Utah for them, or even worse, having to wait on the mailman to deliver our online purchases.

That's the dream baby and by gollie, it's going to happen!Until then, I guess I'll keep dreamin' and schemin' away......

In case you were wondering:


Adjective: Representing the most perfect or typical example of a quality or class

Thursday, August 4, 2011

My Summer To Do List.

To do this summer (a.k.a. the next two and a half weeks):

1. Make Lindsey's baby a quilt.
2. Make Christina's baby a quilt.
3. Make two pillow dresses for the above mentioned babies!
4. Make Ryleigh (Lindsey's baby) her tutu and coordinating onesies with matching headbands.
5. Get flour, sugar, spaghetti jars for that stuff in my kitchen.
8. Refurbish my blog to be more "clean" and unique looking. (possibly come up with a new name?)
9. Start dressing cuter (like her) and start doing my make-up and hair daily (like her).
10. Start saving money for a new car/awesome camera/books from the Borders liquidation sale happening less than 3 feet from my cottage.



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