Wednesday, November 10, 2010

More Girls Should Be Like Me

A direct quote from Ben's boss Geoff, who I hope to work for!:

"Why can't more girls be like you?!"

I know that you all are thinking, "This is so true! Kaylee is amazing and wonderful and I want to be exactly like her!," but it's not what you're thinking. I went to go meet Ben at his office for lunch yesterday and while I was waiting somehow Geoff and I started talking about marriage. Geoff was telling me that marriage isn't, "Okay, lets go get hitched!," it's really, "Holy crap, I have to buy a ring and a honeymoon!" I told Geoff that if Ben and I get married, he's totally lucking out because I have decided that I want a pearl wedding ring (a fraction of the cost of a diamond and it's more "me" AND no other girl I know will have one!) and I'm the only girl I know that spends most of her time looking for the most amazing travel deals even though she has no money to spend. Thats where Geoff said, "Why can't more girls be like you?"

April and I were looking online to see what a pearl wedding ring would even look like (I'm silly and yes, us girls always look at crap like that). We ended up finding this website *WARNING!* If you go to this site, you will become addicted and possible send all of your life savings, like me! Its this site were people have their own online shops to sell home made stuff... well I found my wedding ring, and its a whopping $40! Granted, it's not real, but I highly doubt that the real version of it would break the bank. Plus it could totally be my something blue right?

Five Things

5 things that make me happy...

1. Having the life squeezed out of me.

2. Watching Bollywood/Hindi/foreign movies.

3. The thought of curling up to a fire on a cold day and reading a classic.

4. Bento's Mexican roll.... yum. yumm. yummm...

5. Listening to my music in the car SO loud that I feel like it's a soundtrack to the movie I'm living called Life.

Monday, November 8, 2010

A Great Weekend

This last weekend was one of the best I have had in a while... I actually got to relax, and on top of that, Ben was able to relax too and we just had a great time. On Friday night we went to the church for movie night; it was Toy Story 3 and it was hilarious!!! I have never seen Ben laugh so hard in my life (he mostly laughs on the inside). I wanted to try playing Spanish music to see if he would react like Buzz did when they reprogrammed him. After the movie, a group of my friends all went to have dinner and desert at the Cheesecake Factory... yum yuummm yuuuummmm.... It was so much fun... I even got to have a whip cream fight with Ben. I don't know how we managed to get some of the "older" people in the group to go bowling at midnight, but we did. I haven't been in forever and I am still HORRIBLE! My first game I bowled a 45 and the second game I got a 97... at that point it was 2 am and we had a service project bright and early, so we left.

Orange County provides services to the homeless and lower income households in the county for free and these little fair like things. Well this one was more based around the family and spending more time together. Ben and I got assigned to watch the playground (it was freezing btw). I think parents saw us as two creepers chilling on the playground instead of as volunteers, so most of the kids stayed away from the playground. Eventually more kids come (I think as it got warmer) so we were able to somewhat volunteer. I even got to see saw with a precious 9 year old named Virginia.

That night Ben and I got to hang out and relax and then I even got him to hang out with me on Sunday after Stake Conference. Stake Conference was pretty cool. We got a new stake presidency. I don't think I have ever had a stake presideny that didn't include President Holladay or President Bush, and now they are both in this new one! Oh I forgot to mention that I am now the 1st counselor in the College Park Relief Society. I'm loving it so far, but it is a lot more work and dedication that I would have originally thought.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

First Things First

As the title says...

First: I went on private because I have had a private blog that I was using as a journal. The posts were emails that Amanda Knowles and I had been sending back and forth a couple of times a week and had personal and intimate things in them. Well said blog was somehow discovered by someone at work who showed it to my boss and they tried using it as a mechanism worth firing me over. I deleted it and made everything else ubber private in my life, so now they can't. Problem solved.

Second: I had a pumpkin carving party the second to last Saturday in October with mine and Ben's families. It was a lot of fun and everyone got pretty creative with their carving skills; there were even power tools, wire, and Mr. Potato Head pieces being used. The night ended on a not so great note however. My friend and ex co-worker, April, and her boyfriend, Phil, came over to join in on the festivities. Well once our families left, Phil and Ben decided to go on a motorcycle ride. Long story short, Phil couldn't make a turn on the bike and laid it down going close to 45 mph. Luckily he jumped off the bike as it went off the road. He didn't have a helmet on and only suffered a compound fracture of his tibia and fibula and a broken collar bone. They were pretty serious injuries (hello! his bones were sticking out of his leg!!!), but it was a pretty awesome trade for what could have happened.

Third: I had a costume party on the Saturday before Halloween (I know, two parties in a row; I must be a party animal!). Ben and I dressed as Margot and Ritchie Tenenbaum. No one knew who we were. I didn't really care, but it did suck when I looked pretty lame compared to all the other girl's cute and flirty costumes. Oh well! At the end of that party, we all headed out to the mud hole at like midnight. Thank goodness there were no injuries this time!

I'm not quite sure what else to write. I know I'm forgetting something. Oh well... Oh! I have all A's in my classes as of midterms, so yeah! Eat that FSU!


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