Friday, December 16, 2011

True Love = Same Roots

I read this over at the Nie Nie Dialogues and I thought how pertinent it is to my life. I have always struggled with this concept of being in love versus loving someone truly. It reminds me a lot of Ovid's fable of Baucis and Philemon.
"Love is a temporary madness. It erupts like an earthquake and then subsides. And when it subsides you have to make a decision. You have to work out whether your roots have become so entwined together that it is inconceivable that you should ever part. Because this is what love is. Love is not breathlessness, it is not excitement, it is not the promulgation of promises of eternal passion. That is just being "in love" which any of us can convince ourselves we are.

Love itself is what is left over when being in love has burned away, and this is both an art and a fortunate accident. Your mother and I had it, we had roots that grew towards each other underground, and when all the pretty blossom had fallen from our branches we found that we were one tree and not two."

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Oh, Blair

I'm mildly obsessed with Gossip Girl and its only because of this gal, right here:
Blair Waldorf (ahem, I mean Leighton Meester), you hit the nail right on the head with this one. Story of my life.

Also, Finals are done (yeah!) and Alyssa and Ian got hitched on Tuesday (double yeah!!!), but they had their reception/ring ceremony yesterday and since I was a bridesmaid I  got to do the whole 1940s style hairdo. I did pin curls which were not that hard, but looked insanely ridiculous on me while still being held up by the bobby pins. I'm sure both of my great-grandmothers were rolling in their graves when they watched me walk into the mall with my hair all pinned-up like a madwoman without any make-up on. How dare I go out in public without my hair done and my face on? Let's just say that while Alyssa was getting her make-up done by the lovely woman at the MAC counter, I was also putting my make-up on, for free while she wasn't looking. I don't feel bad because I totally bought blush. So what do you think? Should I do the pin curl more often?
I kind of love it, plus it ave me the perfect excuse to wear red lipstick. Also, my hair never EVER holds a curl, but after sleeping on it last night, I still had the perfect bounce this morning. Holla!

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Lessons I Have Learned Over the Past Week

1. Love is a battlefield. For reals. It is. Love isn't just something that happens. It is something you really have to work at. It's mostly a battle. Sing it Pat. On the flip side (yes, I did just use that phrase), not all is fair in love and war. I don't think.

2. You are insane to think that it's okay to skip out on your relationship with our Heavenly Father. It's so easy to distance yourself without even realizing it. I for one, think this world is hard enough to handle, so why would I  push away my biggest guide through it?

3. Diamonds may be some girls' best friends, but mine, well, they are my actual friends, my family and Maureen (the sweet woman in my Debtor/Creditor class who always gives me a boost of confidence each week). Oh, and raw cookie dough.

4. Live the life you love. Love the life you live.

5. You must make yourself happy. As the only controller of your happiness, you really need to figure out how to make yourself happy before you can make others happy.

Monday, November 28, 2011

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Words of Wisdom, From the Smartest Man I Know

This is our family mantra (or at least it seems that way). Literally every problem I have ever faced or been confused over, one of my family members somehow ties this piece of advice into it. It doesn't always have to be love or relationships. Basically, this piece of advice will help you through almost anything. Thanks grandpa for making this quote second nature to all of us Watkins.We all love you for it.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Katie and Sam

They got hitched this weekend. My very best friend got hitched. I cannot tell you how much I love this girl and how happy I was to see her enter into this next part of her life. Even more, I am grateful for the fact that she included me in on it. I'm sure there have been people more loyal and loving to her, but for some reason, she wanted me to be there by her side on this special day. 
Katie and Sam have a love that is inspirational. Its the kind of love you can not only see, but one that you can feel. It is infectious. The Katie and Sam kind of love is the kind of love I crave... it is not only one of passion, but of true charity. Those two would do anything for each other. They would sacrifice everything most precious to them just for the other. That, my friends is true love. Katie's sweet words to Sam during their ring ceremony spoke so much to me. She told him that she didn't know why she was so lucky to have been able to meet him at such a young age, but that she was grateful for it. Katie, you were given that blessing because you are the most honest, sincere, loving and kind hearted human being I have had the pleasure of knowing. That is why the Lord knew that you would be able to love Sam, at such a young age, and make it through the trials that would come your way.
Katie and Sam., thank you for inspiring me. Thank you, Katie, for being the best friend and example a girl could have. I truly love you.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Here She Is...

Nope, not Miss America, but she could be. One Day.
I'm one proud "Almost Aunt."  She wasn't very happy that I was holding her up for the picture. I'm sure in time, she'll understand the whole "with beauty comes sacrifice" thing. 

Little Mia, I am so glad you are finally here. We are going to have so much fun together, you and I.

I'm Now on Bloglovin'

Come and check me out!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Halloween (and October) Wrap Up

It is over. The best month of the entire year is once again over. Good-bye October. Good-bye Halloween. Welcome fall. Welcome the holiday rush. We sucessfully wrapped up both of our parties and there was lots of fun to be had. One delightful addition was this lovely gal:
Her mom (Christina) is (was) preggo, so Ben and I got to have her for the costume party (speaking of, aren't our costumes legit?). 
She is a Hello Kitty Bride (it's supposed to be a secret, I hope Olivia doesn't care that I just put it on the internet). Well, last night, I got to have Olivia for trick or treating because her mom went into labor! I woke up this morning to a text and a video of the newest baby Gwyn. She is precious! I cannot wait to go meet her today at lunch. Also, I can't wait to officially know her name (they were considering Mia. Regardless, I will probably call her Mia). 

Olivia and I hit the jack pot last night trick or treating. She got 75 pieces of candy in less than an hour and I got around 55. Sweet deal indeed. 

We fell asleep watching Casper and woke up to an addition in the family (I consider myself an honorary member of the Gwyn clan.... uh hem, Ben......). 
Although I am sad that this year's October is over, I'm excited for the holidays and what the new year will bring! How was your Halloween? Did you dress up?   
 Until next October!

Friday, October 28, 2011

Fall Fest

And so it begins, yet again! Last year, Ben and I had out first Halloween (excuse me, October) together. Since I love October and I love celebrating Halloween the entire month, I decided to have a couple of parties to celebrate. We had the 1st annual family pumpkin carving extravaganza and then the 1st annual costume party. They were evenly spaced out during the month and despite one major hiccup after the pumpkin carving party (the Motorcycle accident of 2010) 2010's October was wrapped up like a mummy. 

Last year we were Margot and Richie Tenenbaum... No one knew who we were.
Well, this year, I unraveled the beast and during the whirlwind of full-time work and full-time school and full-time life, I have become frazzled this year. Where has October gone?! Where has all of my favorite part of the year disappeared to? This year, fall has slipped through my fingers. But tonight and tomorrow night I will reclaim Halloween and fall; I will host the pumpkin carving party and I will host the costume party and all will be grand! I just need to hide the motorcycles this year and finish mine and Ben's costumes. 
What are you doing to celebrate fall and Halloween?! Link up and share!


Friday, October 21, 2011

My Mr. Big

I just completed the entire series of Sex in the City. It was fabulous. The girls' style, advice and love were incredible. The story lines were fantastic and the love stories themselves would make any girl's heart twitterpate. I used to hear group of girls ask themselves, "Who are you most like? A Carrie, Charlotte, Miranda or Samantha?"  
I had NO CLUE what they were talking about. I now know that I am a Carrie. Not just because I feel like I'm the leading lady in my own life, but because I'm the hopeless romantic that is always willing to go in for another knock out just for the hopes that they may not, in fact, knock me back out. Also, I have a secret fetish for shoes and I love reading and writing. Sue me. 

The other day, someone compared my love, King Benjamin, to Carrie's love, Mr. Big. Long story short, Carrie and Mr. Big end up together, but after many, many, many, MANY MANY MANY, many, many trials (i.e. cheating, commitment problems, wrong timing, heartbreak, etc.). I honestly was shocked and mostly offended when my friend told me that Ben was a Mr. Big. I asked how they were even remotely alike and she said, "because he has a commitment problem." Time to get things straight people, I am with no Mr. Big. 
King Benjamin is the most caring and loving, not to mention selfless person I have ever met (well there is my dad and grandpa, but it's all relative you know?). He loves me so much and I know it. Just because he hasn't proposed yet (and he will.... Amor, did you hear that? You will) does not mean that he has commitment issues. He is as committed as committed can get. 

So, people, if you want to know how I, Kaylee, have a man that is anything like Carrie's Mr. Big then here are the facts:

1. Just like Mr. Big is to Carrie, Ben is the man I want to spend forever with.
2. Just like Mr. Big does for Carrie, Ben spoils me.
3. Just as Mr. Big effects Carrie, Ben makes my mind go stupid (in a good way, unlike Carrie).
4. Just like Mr. Big's driver does for Carrie, Ben drives me around because I hate driving.
5. Just as Mr. Big never tried to change Carrie, Ben lets me be myself.

So there you have it folks, King Benjamin is Kaylee's Mr. Big-Hearted and man, do I love the heck out of him.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

I Don't Know...

I honestly do not know what to blog about. I go through these phases where I want to blog like three times a day, everyday for a few weeks and I have to hold myself back. Then there are times like now, where I want to blog out of duty, but I honestly don't have anything that is worthy of putting on the immortal internet. 

One thing I know is that I don't know how I feel about the new look of this blog. I want it to be clean and simple. I like the name. I hate the color yellow. Why did I even pick the color yellow?! I want a better layout, but for some reason, those are hard to come by......... Ugh. What does a girl do? The weirdest part is that I love to revamp others blogs and I do a pretty good job, but when it comes to mine, I have no clear direction.  

Anyone want to offer clear direction?

Also, I'm getting disheartened by my wedding blog. I LOVE it. I really enjoy it. Problem is, I don't think anyone else does? I don't know how to get it out there. I don't know how to get the followers and make it successful. I thought that doing a give-a-way would help (who doesn't like free stuff?), but so far no one has even jumped on that! 

Any thought? Any ideas about this here blog or the other one?

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

This is What I Had in Mind

When I went to Florida State, I was determined to be Chief Osceola's gal and ride in on my own horse and when he threw the torch into the ground, I would light it with a bow and arrow.

 This is kind of what I had in mind.

Monday, October 10, 2011

On Finding the Right Man

I just read an excellent book by a Mormon stand-up comedian named Elna Baker. When I saw her book in bookstores a year ago, I thought, "great, yet another book by an ex-Mormon that will embarrass the rest of us because she's venting about nothing." Nope. This book is hilarious. I literally, "lol"ed. Everyone, go out and read The New York Regional Mormon Singles Halloween Dance.

As I finished it last night, there was a huge nugget of wisdom thrown in there. While in Zambia, Elna got great advice from a 113 year old "sex doctor." She asked her how to find the right man. This was the wise woman's response:

Oh, so wise. I texted it to Ben last night and he responded, "and you'll still be my right woman when you're 113"

I've got the right man folks. Yes, indeedy, I do.

Wizarding World!

Thursday I got to take off work and go to Universal and IOA (Islands of Adventure) with Jessica Gasque. Funniest thing, you see, I had never met her. EVER. She is good friends with a gal in my ward that I really like and simple correspondence over facebook turned quickly into, "Hey lets go to Harry Potter tomorrow." Then, when she told me that her pass would get us to the front of every line (literally it did. It was incredible), I was sold.

Here are my thoughts:

1. Butterbeer is AMAZING! (At one point, I actually thought I was getting drunk off of it and started to freak out. I was't so it was all good).

2. They portrayed Hogsmead and the castle PERFECTLY. So perfect, in fact, I started to almost, maybe, definitely, tear up.

3. Although the shops are really cool, the price of the merchandise is not. 

Summary of Wizarding World of Harry Potter:

Butterbeer in a mug: $11.00
Fizzing Wizbees (that gave me a rash) and Peppermint Toads: $19.00
Individual House Robes: $100.00
Overall expereince: priceless.

Us and Jack Johnson's favorite people.
Popeye (lame!) and Olive (too legit).
First time we hung out, we got arrested. 
 I hadn't been to Universal since I was in second grade, which meant that there was no IOA yet and half of the rides at Universal weren't even there. It was so much fun skipping through the lines and getting to know Jessica better. This girl is legit. Not only is she hilarious, but she immediately makes you comfortable with her sweet demeanor. We both joked that it was like a blind date that we set up for ourselves. Overall, the blind date was great! I can't wait for us to have girl's night soon!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Reasons Why I love October: Take 1.

1. The obvious, Halloween! This is what Ben and I are dressing up as this year:

2. General Conference. You can watch it here!

3. Anytober at Subway!

4. It actually is starting to feel like fall. Thus, I am starting to feel alive!

5. October Surprises. Mama Marzek started them, I've continued them and have also passed them along. I came into work today, ready to pass my surprises out and there was one already waiting for me on my desk! 
*Check out the ones I'll be doing all month long on my wedding blog. They are amazing!*

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

I Am A Stitchin Machine

Okay kiddies, it's grandma here, ready to share with you the coolest thing on the block. Ready (and no, it is not my ginger snap cookies)? It is stitching, aka needlepoint, aka embroidery, aka FUN!

I have been a stitching machine for about a month now. It all started with the dreaded $20 cat. I saw this super cute shop in Winter Park and thought that I should stop in and see what stitching was all about. The lovely, con-artist of a woman "helped" me to the cheapest starter kit they had. $20 poorer and with instant regret, I walked out of The Black Sheep with a stupid cat pattern that took me over 24 solid hours to stitch (seriously, it took weeks). I have the picture of it (I'm SO proud of it) on my iPad and am having trouble getting it off. Its nothing special. Seriously. Just trust me.

Then, this wonderful angel from above, named Meagan Meyerson, told me about her friend's stitching shop online. I went over, found what I wanted for $4 (had it emailed to me within a couple of hours) and bought the string for under $7. Ta Da! Instant gratification, super cheap and far less time consuming (not to mention wayyyyy cuter. I changed the colors from the one's that she suggested and I love how they turned out:

 (I'll post the picture of my second one when I figure out what to do to get the picture off of my iPad. F.Y.I. I did this one and that one)

I've found a ton more really cute patterns online for FREE people. Yes, FREE! I'm working on this one right now and have these two to follow. I cannot even tell you how easy it is to do folks. It is SUPER easy. There, I told you.

So jump on this train to grandmaville and lets have a stitchin good time!

P.S. this song is what inspired the title. LOVE IT!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

I Have a Dream

This song fits my mood today. 
Listen to it. Cry with it. Smile with it. Reflect with it. 
Just promise me you'll listen to it. 

It's wonderful. My dad and I are so dancing to this at my wedding. DIBS!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

This is the Girl, Who Stole My Heart

  This is my niece. I like her. No wait. Scratch that. I love her. She is pretty dang cute. 

(Auntie KayKay, please STOP taking my pictures)

(I'm so dainty and adorable)

(and sometimes, my life is exhausting) 

(This is Ben, I think he liked her)

(oh, and I may have loved on her too much. So what, who cares)

Friday, September 9, 2011

An Amateur, On Being An Aunt.

Happy Birthday, Ryleigh Nicole! (well belated birthday... man I'm already off to a bad start).

Here is a picture of Pops holding you on your actual birthday. Ben and I had just left when they decided to let you be held. I was majorly bummed.

Yesterday (at an ungodly hour.... like 2:09 to be exact) I was woken up by Mimi telling me I needed to rush to the hospital so I could be there when you were born. Little did I know, that I would literally get to be there when you were born. Like in the room. When you popped out. It was exciting. You were perfect! Seriously, I have never ever seen anyone else come into the world as fabulously as you did (maybe that is because I've never seen anyone come into the world, but hey, let's not count that against you). Your mommy was stellar in getting you here. I have never met such a determined person that wanted to get her baby here. You're already so much like your mommy (whom I love, a lot). I was right there beside you when they weighed you in (4 pounds, 13.2 ounces), measured you (21 inches) and even gave you this horrible vitamin K shot (ask me about how much of a trooper you were during that). After that, I got to hold your hand for like .2 seconds and then you had to go to the nursery  That's where you are now my little dinosaur! Mommy just told me that you will probably go to NICU now for a couple of weeks because you don't know how to eat yet (you and I know this is just because you want the special attention, and you're scared of leaving the hospital with mommy. Trust me I would be too). 

As your aunt, I promise the following:

1. To teach you how to be a grandma (remind me to tell you about the time someone thought I was your grandma). I'm quite the professional.

2. To spoil you your entire life (I've already started).

3. Listen to you when you are really irritated with mommy or just can't talk to her about something. I'll always listen to you, good or bad (I'm not promising that I won't tell her later though... she is your mom after all).

4. Be at all your major life events (with the exception of when you have your first kid. I was there for yours and it was enough to last a lifetime, love).

5. Always love you, no matter what you do or who you become. I will always love you.

I'm so excited to be your Auntie KayKay (I'm determined to make you call me this). One day, I hope to graduate from being an amateur aunt to a professional, like my two incredible aunts (Jodi and Jamie). They have taught me all I know. One day, I'd like to be half of the aunt that they are. I'm about to leave work and go see you. Supposedly I'll be able to hold you today (FINALLY! The .2 second hand touch was not enough).

Auntie KayKay

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Mr. Darcy Who?

This is probably sooo high school of me (image  that phrase said in a valley girl accent), but I have to do it. I've always loved (I mean LOVED) Jane Austen, but I've always secretly adored Jane Eyre with its Gothic romancy self. Why? Oh its not because Ben watched the BBC mini-series with me (and actually liked it... I think). Nope, its because of Mr. Rochester. His smolder. His flirting. His passion (why am I going on about a fictional character? WHY?!).  I keep seeing all of these things on pinterest and etsy about waiting for a Mr. Darcy and "I want a Mr. Darcy"- this or that. Lame. I've always wanted a Mr. Rochester. I want someone with so much passion, he literally will beg me, on his knees while crying, to be his mistress after I find out he has a lunatic wife (not really the last part, but still...). After seeing the new rendition of Jane Eyre (I loved it. I know its not at all like the book, but I loved it), I decided that Mr. Rochester was steamy. So here we go; the moral of this post:

A lesson for all of those pathetic Mr. Darcy fans ;)

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Just a Few...

...things happening right now:

1. Lindsey is being induced, like in an hour, which means.... I will be an aunt soon! Come on little Ryleigh!

2. I love that yesterday was Labor Day, so my half of a Tuesday (see number 1) is really like a half of a Monday, but I come back to work on Wednesday (all paid for)!

3. As much as I hate having to go to classes, I have a pretty decent schedule (Monday & Tuesday, 7 - 9:45pm; Wednesday, 5:30 - 6:45pm). 

4. I really love this guy. Not only does he fix my car's broken AC Compressor like a pro, but he makes me insanely happy as well. You are too legit King Benjamin.

5. I posted on my wedding blog, Quintessentially Yours. Check it out, yo. I need the following to make my dreams come true (so, please, make my dreams come true.... and send this to your friends). 

Thursday, September 1, 2011


I'm sick. It sucks. Hope you aren't either. 

The end.

Oh, and if I die, no black is allowed at my funeral.... and Lindsey can't play that morbid country song about dying young. It sucks too (not really, but still).

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Guest Blog Post. Kind Of.

Ben printed out a Tijuana Flats coupon earlier while I was at his office. I wanted to color it. So I did. As he walked me out to my car, he told me that I should put it on my wedding blog with the following post:

This is a couple who sells tacos. They like to sell tacos because it reminds them of Mexico. They are married. They went to Mexico. Now they sell tacos. They love tacos. They love each other. 
The end.

.... Something like that. So there you have it. The guest post by King Benjamin Gwyn. 

P.S. I hope we get to go to T.F. tonight and use this amazing coupon. *hint hint* amor.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

The Three Sisters

I have two sisters. Together we make the three Hornsby sisters. There is me, Kaylee, the oldest, most wisest of them all. Then there is Lindsey, the middle one, who is carefree and full of fire (and baby). Lastly there is Amber, The Baby, who is a perfect mixture of the two oldest. We all are amazing. We all are pretty (at least we think know so).

On Tuesday I got to spend time with both of my sisters, which is very rare for me. I got to go to one of Lindsey's doctor appointments for her and baby Ryleigh. Lets just say that one of the biggest downsides to pregnancy is the numerous doctor's visits you must participate in where you have to sit in the waiting room for two hours and spend only 5 minutes with the doctor. The bright spot in the visit for Lindsey was when me, yes her 21year old sister who is only 15 months older than her, got asked if she was the grandmother. I seriously looked at the nurse and asked, "Me? Me the grandmother? Nope. I'm only 15 months older than her." Even better was that the nurse was not only mortified, but she decided to tell the other nurses and doctors about her fetal (funny right?) error. Lindsey's doctor walks into the room and asks to see the youngest grandmother in the world. I told her that it was me and she said, "Whoa! Really? I wasn't expecting you," then proceeds to reference me as the grandmother. Sheesh people! As Lindsey and I left the appointment, we found "Loving Your Grandbaby" magazine. We couldn't help but take a picture with it. There was a great article on how I could better bring out my grandchild's potential.

That night Ben and I got to take Amber out for her 14th birthday, but a day early. I asked her where she wanted to eat and she said Panda Express. I know little Mimi loves her orange chicken, but I don't even think the Panda Express folks were prepared when she wanted four individual boxes of it (and then proceeded to finish them off, with class of course).

After the grub, we went shopping (trust me, Amber's digestive system needed the walking) where I tried introducing the now almost adult version of Amber to epic stores like Urban Outfitters, and my favorite, Anthropologie. She did not care for my "grandmother" stores (see above). Finally, she found a birthday gift she liked in Bath and Body Works and then Ben and I had to drop her back off at the temple (where the parentals were). Also, I later found out that while I saw using the restroom in the temple, Amber had stolen my iPad and had a photo shoot. Here is the evidence:

I really love my two sisters and I'm glad that I got to spend the much needed time with them. It's almost eerie how much we are alike sometimes.

Also, yesterday I got to go down to Tampa to see Chadwick's homecoming. Sara was fuuureakin out. I'm glad I got to be there with her. Check out mine, Sara's and Christina's posters.

Too legit.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

She's Launched!!!

There she blows mateys!!!!!!!! Up and running a day after I decided to make her, Quintessentially Yours, a Wedding Blog is now rip roaring and ready to go!

*Can you tell I'm more than excited with all of the exclamation marks I've used?*

To see her in all her glory click here.

Also, let's make this thing viral. Email it to your friends and have them email it to their friends. This is going to be exciting and thrilling and spectacular and anything else you can think of (well except for anything negative, like a failure. She's not going to be a failure).

Oh and make sure to grab a fabulous button right after you subscribe!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Dreamin' and Schemin'

Today I have been dreaming and scheming of plans. These plans are what I want to do with the rest of my life. I've come to a few major conclusions that, once put all together, will make me happy....-ier. I guess I'll let you in on my secrets, and here they are:

1. I'm starting a new blog (in addition to my personal one). Its already in the works (I'm just waiting for my co-worker to get back from lunch to help me with the kinks) and it's titled "Quintessentially Yours." What kind of blog is this going to be Kaylee? I'll tell you! It will not be that craft blog I mentioned doing before (that plan crashed and burned a long time ago.... may it rest in peace). No siree, it is a fresh new wedding blog. "But Kaylee, there are tons of wedding blogs out there!" Trust me, I more than anyone know! Where do you think I devote most of my spare time? If you didn't know, it would be on several wedding blogs. One thing I noticed was there aren't very many LDS wedding blogs. You know, the kind that focus on modest wedding dresses (not the kind we have to trick ourselves into altering), pictures outside of temples, advice on how to plan a temple wedding (especially if you are dealing with non-member loved ones), oh and d.y.i. decor that us lovely LDS women are more than obsessed with! Yep, that is what my blog will entail. I'll let you know when that is up and running.

2. I'm also going to be opening an etsy shop. It will be called "Quintessentials." I am so jealous of all the girls/women who get to work from home crafting and selling their fun stuff with others. I am stuck behind a desk. I hate being stuck anywhere, let alone a desk with harsh lighting. So, I'm putting my talents to use (in my spare time, since I have no clue how to create a business proposal and get a loan or anything like that). Some of my talents include embroidering, reading, concocting and frosting (as in what jewelry does for women). I'll be making/selling, among other things, some amazing jewelry (mostly bracelets), hand embroidered bookmarks and homemade bath scrubs (that will be tried and true). Get excited for this people!

All of this leads up to end goal number three....

3. One day opening up the store, "Quintessentially Yours," which will be a full-on LDS bridal/prom/clothing/accessories/what-ever-else-I-want store in Florida for all of us gals who are tired of altering our clothes or flying to Utah for them, or even worse, having to wait on the mailman to deliver our online purchases.

That's the dream baby and by gollie, it's going to happen!Until then, I guess I'll keep dreamin' and schemin' away......

In case you were wondering:


Adjective: Representing the most perfect or typical example of a quality or class

Thursday, August 4, 2011

My Summer To Do List.

To do this summer (a.k.a. the next two and a half weeks):

1. Make Lindsey's baby a quilt.
2. Make Christina's baby a quilt.
3. Make two pillow dresses for the above mentioned babies!
4. Make Ryleigh (Lindsey's baby) her tutu and coordinating onesies with matching headbands.
5. Get flour, sugar, spaghetti jars for that stuff in my kitchen.
8. Refurbish my blog to be more "clean" and unique looking. (possibly come up with a new name?)
9. Start dressing cuter (like her) and start doing my make-up and hair daily (like her).
10. Start saving money for a new car/awesome camera/books from the Borders liquidation sale happening less than 3 feet from my cottage.


Saturday, July 30, 2011


Last Saturday I was waiting for Ben to come to my house so we could hang out (a.k.a. do his homework) and he was taking F-O-R-E-V-E-R, so I decided to head over to the adorably quaint Lake Lily Park (like .2 seconds walk away from my house)......

As I sat on my bench (yes, I have now commandeered a bench and declared it to be my own) a nice, older man walked up to me and asked if I was a bible reading kind of girl. I told him, "yes I am, as well as a Book of Mormon reading girl." I guess this intrigued him because we then embarked on an hour long spiritual journey together. He was a Jehovah's Witness and I a Mormon. We never argued or got frustrated with each other, instead we just bore our testimonies to each other about simple truths that we each knew to be true (most of them similar, a few differing). Once our discussion ended, we realized we never shared our names with each other. Truck and I shook hands and thanked each other for letting us share our beliefs.

A few thoughts:

1. I am so grateful for what Adam and Eve did for me. By partaking of the forbidden fruit, I can now walk this earth and have an eternal family. Without their sacrifice, I could never have had that.

2. I am so grateful for the direct translation of the Book of Mormon. It provides the must needed insight to the things we learn in the Bible and because I know that it is a direct translation, I know I can take it as pure gospel truth, straight from the Lord's mouth.

3. Truck and I both know that we are sent here with a commission to share the truth and love of our Savior's gospel with those we come into contact with. I have been scared of this lately, but I am grateful for his example of fearlessly doing it.

The. End.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

My Wish Came True

My dad grew up in the space generation. When he was 9 years old, he witnessed the first man walking on the moon. Growing up, I remember him getting so excited for every space shuttle's launch. He would get us kids so excited to watch them launch and I cannot remember missing one since then. Living in Central Florida, so close to the coast, it is amazing at how you can watch them go up and get to be apart of the live excitement. I think it is due to my dad's enthusiasm, but I have always had a soft spot for the space program. My favorite part of all the shuttle launches were the sonic booms that can be heard as the space ship is welcomed home. As a little kid, those booms would wake me up and I would smile. It was home safe. When I was younger, I remember sometimes praying for the safe return of the shuttle and its astronauts; some other times, I would pray to hear the sonic booms.

This last and final shuttle launch of the Atlantis was kind of emotional for me. I don't really know why; after all, I am not apart of the space generation. I was at school when it was going to be launched. I knew what time I needed to go outside. Right as I was leaving the library on campus, I checked my email and on my yahoo homepage it said something about the shuttle being delayed. I should have kept reading because it was only delayed by less than a minute. I, however, thought I had plenty of time. As I drove to Ben's work, I kept checking my review mirror so I could see it. Apparently I missed it, but Ben's co-worker informed me that it was impossible to see anyway because of the cloud cover. I was a bit devastated. This was the first one I missed and it was the last one. Last night, as I said my prayers, I included the astronauts and then said a special prayer asking for the blessing of hearing those amazing sonic booms.

At 5:50 something this morning, I woke up with a smile on my face to those fateful booms. It is a great feeling. This morning, as soon as I got to work, I watched its landing. I hope you watch it too, as this is an amazing moment in American history. The words shared between Commander Chris Ferguson and NASA control are inspiring and completely patriotic.

God Bless America!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

A Wonderful Weekend

This last weekend was fantastic. I'm not entirely sure why, but it was. On Thursday night (early Friday morning), Ben and I went to go see the last Harry Potter installment. It was fantastic and oddly, I felt really sad by the end of it because it would be over. Sometimes I feel really weird admitting to how much I love Harry Potter, but that love comes from the fact that I am apart of the Harry Potter Generation. Harry and I were always the same age and I was apart of all the hooplah from the start. It was actually a little bothersome seeing all of these tweens running around at midnight acting all frantic and completely childish about the whole Harry Potter thing. I guess it shouldn't, but for some reason I wanted to yell at all of those wanna-bes talking through my movie, that they were frauds and that they probably haven't even read any of the books, but have only seen the movies. Its stupid and wrong of me, but hey, you sometimes can't help what you feel.... especially at 2:30 a.m. Plus, I had the epiphany that I am too old for the midnight showing. After seeing all of the Harry Potter ones that were available for the coveted midnight showing, I think I am done with that part of my life.... maybe... we'll have to see how I feel when the last two installments of the Twilight saga get released.

Friday, I got Ben to play hookie with me all day. It was wonderful having him around for a full day of whatever. Both of us are so consumed with our jobs and school that I feel like we really don't get to spend any relaxing time with each other. We went to the park to have my old co-worker Jen snap some pictures of us for her new photography business. She is amazing and you can get her info. here. It was hot and slightly uncomfortable but fun, all at the same time. Here are a few of my favorites. You can see the rest here.

I don't remember what we even did that night. I think we just worked on homework and watched a movie or something, but regardless, it was so great to spend that time with Ben. I was even able to rope him into going to the Valencia library with me most of Saturday to work on homework. Basically, Ben is great and I know how much of a sacrifice it was for him to just forget his responsibilities to spend the much needed time I needed with him. That's my King Benjamin, always sacrificing what he wants for what I want. How could you not love a guy like that?


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