Monday, February 4, 2013

New Month. New Name. New Look.

I've kind of had a design bug lately. I really wanted to change mine up.
Even more than that, I wanted my blog to focus more on my husband and I and not just me.
So, "The King and I."
And a new design to go with it.

What do you think?

I've also been designing a lot in my spare time.
I just redesigned Megan's, from and here's to you, Mrs. Robinson, blog and I may have watched and entire season of the show The Cut on Hulu.
It's my newest addiction.
It's lame.
It's tween drama at its finest.
It's full of amazing British accents.
Its stupidly awesome.
Oh, and the music... love it!

Basically, I'm a freaking nerd.
This picture sums it all up:
Other than that, nothing much is going on in the castle.
Just lots of reading, school and work for the King and I.
Here's to February and our one year anniversary of the proposal.
Should be a good month!


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