Friday, October 28, 2011

Fall Fest

And so it begins, yet again! Last year, Ben and I had out first Halloween (excuse me, October) together. Since I love October and I love celebrating Halloween the entire month, I decided to have a couple of parties to celebrate. We had the 1st annual family pumpkin carving extravaganza and then the 1st annual costume party. They were evenly spaced out during the month and despite one major hiccup after the pumpkin carving party (the Motorcycle accident of 2010) 2010's October was wrapped up like a mummy. 

Last year we were Margot and Richie Tenenbaum... No one knew who we were.
Well, this year, I unraveled the beast and during the whirlwind of full-time work and full-time school and full-time life, I have become frazzled this year. Where has October gone?! Where has all of my favorite part of the year disappeared to? This year, fall has slipped through my fingers. But tonight and tomorrow night I will reclaim Halloween and fall; I will host the pumpkin carving party and I will host the costume party and all will be grand! I just need to hide the motorcycles this year and finish mine and Ben's costumes. 
What are you doing to celebrate fall and Halloween?! Link up and share!


Friday, October 21, 2011

My Mr. Big

I just completed the entire series of Sex in the City. It was fabulous. The girls' style, advice and love were incredible. The story lines were fantastic and the love stories themselves would make any girl's heart twitterpate. I used to hear group of girls ask themselves, "Who are you most like? A Carrie, Charlotte, Miranda or Samantha?"  
I had NO CLUE what they were talking about. I now know that I am a Carrie. Not just because I feel like I'm the leading lady in my own life, but because I'm the hopeless romantic that is always willing to go in for another knock out just for the hopes that they may not, in fact, knock me back out. Also, I have a secret fetish for shoes and I love reading and writing. Sue me. 

The other day, someone compared my love, King Benjamin, to Carrie's love, Mr. Big. Long story short, Carrie and Mr. Big end up together, but after many, many, many, MANY MANY MANY, many, many trials (i.e. cheating, commitment problems, wrong timing, heartbreak, etc.). I honestly was shocked and mostly offended when my friend told me that Ben was a Mr. Big. I asked how they were even remotely alike and she said, "because he has a commitment problem." Time to get things straight people, I am with no Mr. Big. 
King Benjamin is the most caring and loving, not to mention selfless person I have ever met (well there is my dad and grandpa, but it's all relative you know?). He loves me so much and I know it. Just because he hasn't proposed yet (and he will.... Amor, did you hear that? You will) does not mean that he has commitment issues. He is as committed as committed can get. 

So, people, if you want to know how I, Kaylee, have a man that is anything like Carrie's Mr. Big then here are the facts:

1. Just like Mr. Big is to Carrie, Ben is the man I want to spend forever with.
2. Just like Mr. Big does for Carrie, Ben spoils me.
3. Just as Mr. Big effects Carrie, Ben makes my mind go stupid (in a good way, unlike Carrie).
4. Just like Mr. Big's driver does for Carrie, Ben drives me around because I hate driving.
5. Just as Mr. Big never tried to change Carrie, Ben lets me be myself.

So there you have it folks, King Benjamin is Kaylee's Mr. Big-Hearted and man, do I love the heck out of him.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

I Don't Know...

I honestly do not know what to blog about. I go through these phases where I want to blog like three times a day, everyday for a few weeks and I have to hold myself back. Then there are times like now, where I want to blog out of duty, but I honestly don't have anything that is worthy of putting on the immortal internet. 

One thing I know is that I don't know how I feel about the new look of this blog. I want it to be clean and simple. I like the name. I hate the color yellow. Why did I even pick the color yellow?! I want a better layout, but for some reason, those are hard to come by......... Ugh. What does a girl do? The weirdest part is that I love to revamp others blogs and I do a pretty good job, but when it comes to mine, I have no clear direction.  

Anyone want to offer clear direction?

Also, I'm getting disheartened by my wedding blog. I LOVE it. I really enjoy it. Problem is, I don't think anyone else does? I don't know how to get it out there. I don't know how to get the followers and make it successful. I thought that doing a give-a-way would help (who doesn't like free stuff?), but so far no one has even jumped on that! 

Any thought? Any ideas about this here blog or the other one?

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

This is What I Had in Mind

When I went to Florida State, I was determined to be Chief Osceola's gal and ride in on my own horse and when he threw the torch into the ground, I would light it with a bow and arrow.

 This is kind of what I had in mind.

Monday, October 10, 2011

On Finding the Right Man

I just read an excellent book by a Mormon stand-up comedian named Elna Baker. When I saw her book in bookstores a year ago, I thought, "great, yet another book by an ex-Mormon that will embarrass the rest of us because she's venting about nothing." Nope. This book is hilarious. I literally, "lol"ed. Everyone, go out and read The New York Regional Mormon Singles Halloween Dance.

As I finished it last night, there was a huge nugget of wisdom thrown in there. While in Zambia, Elna got great advice from a 113 year old "sex doctor." She asked her how to find the right man. This was the wise woman's response:

Oh, so wise. I texted it to Ben last night and he responded, "and you'll still be my right woman when you're 113"

I've got the right man folks. Yes, indeedy, I do.

Wizarding World!

Thursday I got to take off work and go to Universal and IOA (Islands of Adventure) with Jessica Gasque. Funniest thing, you see, I had never met her. EVER. She is good friends with a gal in my ward that I really like and simple correspondence over facebook turned quickly into, "Hey lets go to Harry Potter tomorrow." Then, when she told me that her pass would get us to the front of every line (literally it did. It was incredible), I was sold.

Here are my thoughts:

1. Butterbeer is AMAZING! (At one point, I actually thought I was getting drunk off of it and started to freak out. I was't so it was all good).

2. They portrayed Hogsmead and the castle PERFECTLY. So perfect, in fact, I started to almost, maybe, definitely, tear up.

3. Although the shops are really cool, the price of the merchandise is not. 

Summary of Wizarding World of Harry Potter:

Butterbeer in a mug: $11.00
Fizzing Wizbees (that gave me a rash) and Peppermint Toads: $19.00
Individual House Robes: $100.00
Overall expereince: priceless.

Us and Jack Johnson's favorite people.
Popeye (lame!) and Olive (too legit).
First time we hung out, we got arrested. 
 I hadn't been to Universal since I was in second grade, which meant that there was no IOA yet and half of the rides at Universal weren't even there. It was so much fun skipping through the lines and getting to know Jessica better. This girl is legit. Not only is she hilarious, but she immediately makes you comfortable with her sweet demeanor. We both joked that it was like a blind date that we set up for ourselves. Overall, the blind date was great! I can't wait for us to have girl's night soon!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Reasons Why I love October: Take 1.

1. The obvious, Halloween! This is what Ben and I are dressing up as this year:

2. General Conference. You can watch it here!

3. Anytober at Subway!

4. It actually is starting to feel like fall. Thus, I am starting to feel alive!

5. October Surprises. Mama Marzek started them, I've continued them and have also passed them along. I came into work today, ready to pass my surprises out and there was one already waiting for me on my desk! 
*Check out the ones I'll be doing all month long on my wedding blog. They are amazing!*


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