Monday, July 15, 2013

Freebie: Bloom Where You Are Planted

Here is my first freebie for you!

Let me know what you think.
I'll be making it into an iPhone background as well.

Click here to download blue and pink.
Click here to download pink and teal.
Click here to download blue and yellow.

Friday, July 12, 2013


As the King and I move into this next stage of our life (home-ownership) I cannot help but think of how much my life is about to change. 

You see, the King has been an adult a lot long than I have (at least 6 years longer), but I’m kind of freaked out by becoming a real life, mortgage having, home repair making adult. 

Don’t get me wrong, I am so happy, blessed, excited to be able to purchase a home with my husband, but I feel like one stage of my life is coming to a close. And quickly.

My teeny tiny little cottage was my first home. The first place I lived in by myself. The first place I provided for myself. The first place my husband and I lived together. It’s the smallest castle in the world, but it was mine.
The neighborhood was, at least to me, magical. The tree lined streets were perfect for the not so frequent walks I took. The train went past my house at all hours (literally RIGHT NEXT TO MY HOUSE) was exciting. The library directly across the street was a safe haven. And the parks (all three within a two second walk of my house) were the best place to relax. Oh, and let’s not forget Jeremiah’s that was two blocks away (BEST Italian ice… ever… hands down).

These next two weeks (actually, less than two weeks) are going to be hectic and fast paced and fun as we transition into being homeowners, but I want to try and slow down and appreciate what I’ve had for almost the last three years. I want to really say goodbye to MY area of town. 
With that said, I’ll try to post about my little area of Central Florida before we move.
Join me on my own sort of “good-bye” to Ventris Avenue.

Monday, July 8, 2013

Family High

Yesterday the King and I went to my aunt and uncle’s house. I don’t know if it is the fact that my husband is closer in age to them than he is to me, or the fact that they are just incredible people (perhaps both), but I cannot help but just feel like they are one of my biggest support systems. 
Their family is so sweet and loving and hilarious. Their kids are the best at making a bad day better. Jamie and Jeremy are amazing at making you feel like you are a part of it all.

Sometimes, even when everything is good in life, I just need to go over there and spend some time with them. We had so much fun trying (but ultimately failing) to fly a kite in the middle of their subdivision and just running around the house.

At one point, my aunt looked over and said, “Ben’s a good guy. Really he is. He’s going to make a great daddy.” Then I looked at him and totally saw him though everyone else’s eyes. He is amazing. I know this. But sometimes you just have to see how in awe everyone else is of your significant other to really appreciate what you have. He is going to be a great father. He is the best husband. I really lucked out.
I don’t know what it was, but yesterday really just made my heart so full of family, fun and love. It didn’t matter that we got home at 2am and I had to go to work in 6 hours; I totally had the high of family to get me through my Monday.

Friday, July 5, 2013

Oh... Hi There.

Whoa… It’s weird to get back on here…. I mean, it has been five months.


To be honest with you, I have no clue why I have been so scared to post on MY blog, but I have.

I can chalk it up to the fact that my boss knows it exists and that I don’t want to have to be censored at all.

I can chalk it up to the fact that I was burnt out on making it about other people and not myself (you know, sponsor posts).

I can even chalk it up to the fact that I’ve been busy…. But honestly, who hasn’t been busy?

Honestly, I just think I needed a break. Plain and simple. I needed to reconnect with my “real” life and what made me happy. I needed to step away from the blogging world to not get burnt out on the same people and the same blogs. I needed a little more reality…

With that said, I am VERY excited to be back, and let me clue you in on what we, the Gwyn family, have been up to.

May was our one year anniversary. To say that first year FLEW by would be an understatement. It really did and I have cherished every moment of being the King’s wife. We went to Miami for a few days. It didn’t help that on the day of our anniversary I got some sort of food poisoning and the King helped take care of me, but we made the most of the trip down south. We stayed at the Hotel Astor in South Beach and mostly wandered around the city. That’s what I love about us. We like to wander. And it works.

We also are buying a house. No big deal. Except IT IS! We found the house on craigslist (no joke) the day before we left to go to Miami. We are supposed to be closing on it by the end of the month and I cannot tell you how happy I am… (and scared too). The King is almost 30, so this is more “his stage in life,” but me… I keep freaking out and thinking to myself, “I’m not an adult yet!!!!” Regardless, we NEED the space and this house is exactly what we both wanted.
Not that buying a house is a walk in the park, but I think I’ve been using it as an excuse as to why I’ve neglected my friendships, my blog, my growing blog design business and my sanity. This house is taking almost every last ounce of sanity I have.

Anyhoo, that’s what has been going on. I cannot wait to share my plan and hopes for this house. Oh, and to share my life with you too.
Also, if anyone reads this, please leave me a comment. I think the love will help.  OH! And I’m going to start creating freebies for phone/desktop backgrounds and printables. Any ideas or requests??


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