Friday, December 10, 2010


I really love my parents. They have always given me everything I could have possibly ever needed and more. Today my sister and I were talking about what to get mom and dad for Christmas and we were discussing how much my parents sacrifice and the hardships that they have to keep to themselves to make us kids feel safe and provided for. I know quite a bit about their struggles, but I'm sure there is a world more that they have shielded me from because, well, they are my parents and they don't want me to worry about it. Lindsey shared with me a little story about something that she noticed my dad doing the other day and lets just say it brought a tear to my eye. I'm not going to openly share it because I'm sure my dad would rather know that it was a private moment for him, but regardless, it reiterated to me the sacrifices they make and the fact that they are more than just human. A human would break down in defeat; trust me, my parents have seen defeat. No, my parents are super-humans; they have made a great life for me and they are the greatest. I am so greatful for them and their emense sacrifices for me and my sisters. They are my super-heros.

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