Thursday, December 15, 2011

Oh, Blair

I'm mildly obsessed with Gossip Girl and its only because of this gal, right here:
Blair Waldorf (ahem, I mean Leighton Meester), you hit the nail right on the head with this one. Story of my life.

Also, Finals are done (yeah!) and Alyssa and Ian got hitched on Tuesday (double yeah!!!), but they had their reception/ring ceremony yesterday and since I was a bridesmaid I  got to do the whole 1940s style hairdo. I did pin curls which were not that hard, but looked insanely ridiculous on me while still being held up by the bobby pins. I'm sure both of my great-grandmothers were rolling in their graves when they watched me walk into the mall with my hair all pinned-up like a madwoman without any make-up on. How dare I go out in public without my hair done and my face on? Let's just say that while Alyssa was getting her make-up done by the lovely woman at the MAC counter, I was also putting my make-up on, for free while she wasn't looking. I don't feel bad because I totally bought blush. So what do you think? Should I do the pin curl more often?
I kind of love it, plus it ave me the perfect excuse to wear red lipstick. Also, my hair never EVER holds a curl, but after sleeping on it last night, I still had the perfect bounce this morning. Holla!


  1. You look beautiful!! I can't wait to call you when I get off work/get done with my final tonight. I need to talk to you! Love you!

  2. I think you should post a tutorial for those curls!!


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