Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Staying Swiss!!!

So Aunt Natalie had a cousin and her friend in from Switzerland ( not Sweden!) and I got to hang out with them. Thier names are Sara and Aline.... I thought that we might ahve a language barrier or something, but they speak great English! I was totally surprised...
I went over to Aunt Ntalie's house thier first night in America to have dinner with them and they told me about the little villages were they live along the Alps. and about how close they were to France and Germany (only like 3 and a half hours to France... It takes me 4 to get to school in Florida!), and the craziest thing was about how their government makes them sort out thier garbage... its like an intense form of recylcling... We went to EPCOT one day and got to see everything.... it was a ton of fun... we even cam out of the experience with tatoos... henna tatoos that is... then we went to the beach and we had some fun with some "American boys", who we went to Gator Dockside's wing night with.... they thought that the wings we a pretty interesting American food.... All in all I have really enjoyed spending time with the girls and I hope to continue my friendship with them... who knows... maybe I'll visit them in SWITZERLAND!


  1. Sounds like you had a lot of fun! I am still loving the hair! I can't wait for our trip in a few weeks. I know it will be hard on your Mama so remember SHE LOVES YOU MORE THAN LIFE ITSELF!

    P.S. Where's my information? I want to make sure I know where to find you when you get lost in the Grand Canyon (he he)! Love, me


Thanks for the comment you sweet person you! If it is a question or something for me to reply to, check back here as I tend to answer through the comments. I appreciate all the love!

Love Kaylee


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