Friday, August 29, 2008

The Start of FSU! and the rest of my life...

So on Wednesday, August 20th, I moved into Smith Hall room 541 and started my new life as a "Grown Up." "Just remember, this is your house, you live here and every other person that doesn't is your guest, including your parents," said the RA that checked me in. Thats when it all sunk in; I'm on my own, this is my home, I live here, I have to do everything on my own! CRAZY! I go upstairs with my mom and Aunt Jodi and they helped m turn my "square into a peice of flair" (as Bianca, my wonderfuly amazing roommate, and I say!) I was so nervous about being in one of the worst dorms on campus, but honestly Bianca and I have made our little "closet" feel like "home."
Florida State puts on "Seminole Sensation" week the week before classes start, with tons of free food (I don't have a meal plan, so free food is my life line!), free activities, free movies, and even a thing where you made your own FREE frisbee (a staple in collge life I've learned). I love it...
Then the stupid tropical storm Fay hit right in time for classes to start, but the show must go on right? Right. Classes started up and I really got to see why the west side of campus was the not preferred side... its at the bottom of a giant hill, so it therefore floods... mercilessly... So I made it my goal on the Saturday before classes to troop out into Tally and get rainboots... of course there weren't any, so I ordered them... Giraffe Print! I LOVE THEM!

Classes started (and I was still waiting for the rainboots to come in) and I treked across campus in the rain and started my classes. I love them! My Science of Nutrition professor is really yound and funny... easy class. My Chem. professor, Cassanova Jackson (love his name!), is really hard to understand, but it totally worth sitting in on his class, because he makes Chemisrty so interesting. My Short Story class is going to be a breeze because its going to be exactly like my AP Lit. class and I've already read all of the required reading! Psychology is what I'm most excited about... we have to participate in 7 hours worth of experiments that the Psyc. Grad. students do for a completion credit in the class, and every week we have to break a social norm ( this week mine is standing in elevators backwards ) and record everyones reactions in a journal. I love that in college you can be whom ever you want to be and get to start over fresh, and that you can pick anything in the world that you could possibly want to learn. Like one girl I know is taking a class on Pink Floyd's albums and their concepts! HOW COOL!
Basically I love it here, I love my roommate BIANCA!!!, and I love my classes... In think this is going to be a great start to my new life!
* 4/8/2100 - I'm rereading this thing, and basically Bianca ended up being the craziest roommate ever and tons of drama. To sum it all up, lets use the words: Sex crazed, Gang-member Boyfriend and Spanish, lots and lots of Spanish.


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  2. I love the boots! I love the psych experiment. Maybe that is what Uncle Chad and Robert did all those years ago when the rode the elevator up and down asking people what year it was. You'll definitely have to let me know the reactions! I love and miss ya!

  3. Sleep well after your first week. Knowing your loved and thought about.

  4. I hope that you are having tons of fun. You should wear the boots even when it isn't raining just to make a fashion statement.

  5. I love you my daughter! I am very proud of you. Have fun and keep blogging. It will make a great journal!

  6. I know that you have started that life of yours and met a new boy, so you need to blog about it so that you have the memories to keep.


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