Monday, May 4, 2009

Holy Crap... Its been a while!

ok.... so I know I haven't written in like months... I'm sure anyone reading this has kept up on my life, so instead of trying to talk about all the things I've missed, I'll just start from here... Two weekends ago I moved into a new house and out of that crap hole of a dorm.... My roommate ended up being a psycho crazy latina, obsessed with being immoral and I'm so relieved to be outta there! I love love LOVE my new house and my new roommates, Lauren, Tabbitha, and Hattie... they are great!

Justin and I have been together for a little over seven months now and I'm loving every minute of it... This last weekend we went to Sewell Farms (his family's farm) and had a little fishing competition between me him and his brother-in-law... Justin won, of course, with 15 fish, I came in second with 10 fish, and Dustin came in third with 3 fish :( I was doing great... I had only caught 1 other fish before in my life and I was so excited to be getting so many... we weren't fishing for keeps, but my last fish was a retard and swallowed the hook... seriously... who does that.... so Justin made me help clean the fish... I actually skinned mine... I was pretty impressed with myself...

I'm so glad that schools done and I'm about to start at TCC for summer term... I'm still working at the Leon County Clerk's Office and hopefully I'll end up getting the weekend manager position at the Ronald McDonald House... keep your finger's crossed... Hopefully this blog post suffices for those of you who so lovingly tease me about not posting for so long... I'll try to be better.... No promises though!


  1. Welcome back, KayKay! I am quite impressed that you cleaned a fish.

  2. thanks... I am too... lol... trust me... It was very against my will... lol... It wasn't AS bad as I thought it would be...


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