Tuesday, July 21, 2009

...My Little Mexican RM...

The weekend after the Orlando wedding trip, I had the opportunity to go back home to finally get ot see the new house and to get to see my little mexican returned missionary, Tyler Markovitz!!! Dang I missed that kid and he is still the same old kid he used to be, plus much more spiritual-ness I'm sure!

On Friday I left Tallahassee right after work, and made the 3 1/2 hour trek home for the weekend, which went by surprisingly fast thanks to phone conversations, especially a much needed one from a special someone in Ocala! I decided to hit up the Lake County Clerk's office to see all of my old co-workers because I hadn't gotten to see them since Christmas, and I've never made it into town while they are still at work... I chilled with my Supervisor, Susan Hartman, BEST WOMAN EVER!, and got to chit chat with her for a while (def. needed!) and also got to see some of my other co-workers... I felt silly though because I rushed out of Tallahassee so quickly that I forgot to take off my Leon County Clerk's Office badge, and it felt a little silly having it on there...

After I left there I headed off to my parents new house in Tavares... I LOVE IT! Even though its not going to have the memories of Home that the old house I grew up in will, I honestly like it a lot more... it feels more homely... Mom did a great job putting her taste into it and did a great job with the decorations and such... That night I got to go see Transformers 2 with my parents, Amber, and my Grandma and Grandpa... It was a pretty good movie, and I really liked it... Amber on the other hand said that there was a lot of loud noises... I love getting to see my grandparents... they are the most amazing people I've ever met!

Saturday, my parents and Amber and I went and walked around downtown Mt. Dora... I LOVE that their new house has a close location to Mt. Dora... if I were to ever settle down in Lake County, that is where it would be! We walked around the shops and just enjoyed being around eachother... I really had a great time and made some good memories with my family... I think and hope they enjoyed it too... That night we went to Tyler's homecoming...

Tyler Markovitz gives me hope that there are still halfway decent RM's that can have a good time out there! He hasn't changed much at all and can still make me laugh like none other... I really enjoyed getting to see him... I felt a little strange though, becasue when I was leaving I went to take some pictures with him and give him a hug and my arms wrapped all the way around him... CRAZY! We also took a picture for Weston (whos on his mission right now in Montana) because once I gave Tyler a kiss on the cheek as a joke and Weston flipped... Tyler and I only thought it suitable to send Weston a picture commemorating that between his good friends :) Plus Tyler was trying to convince Amber to give him his first kiss after the mission... I figured one of us Hornsby girls had to!
All in all, had a pretty great weekend! I love being around family and friends, new and old... I'm truely blessed to know the people I do in my life... I'm greatful for them all!

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  1. We loved seeing you too; also had fun just hanging out with you!


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