Saturday, July 4, 2009

Till We Meet Again... in 2 years!

My Cethipoo is officially a missionary... he got set apart last night and left this morning to head for the MTC... I MISS THAT DANG BOY! (well man) Ceth has a very special place in my heart... Ever since my mom and his mom (Mama Dawson) served in the Stake Young Women's Presidency in the Lake Mary Stake (man good ole days) we would be life long friends.... Mom and Mama Dawson were always trying to betroth my younger sister Lindsey and Ceth to eachother, but hey it never happend, but I always thought Ceth was cool so I didn't mind hanging out with him... He was the guy I could turn to when I needed straight up advice or I needed a shoulder to cry on or I needed someone to knock some sense into me... He is the best friend any girl could ask for... He is the most genuine and sincere guy and loves so much... not to mention he is the most huggable son-of-a-gun to exist! He makes me laugh so hard and never doesn't have the time to talk to me... its going to be weird not picking up my phone and calling him when I need to talk... I guess I'll have to pick up a pen and write to him instead... Any girl will be lucky to catch this young man when he gets home... she's going to be doted on hand and foot and will always be loved! My Heavenly Father has truely blessed me with a great friend, one that will last for ever... He is my bgff (best guy friend forever) and I know that he is going to serve the Lord and work very hard serving the Lord's people of Boise, Idaho! He is one of a kind and I love that boy... He is like my brother and I already miss him... Well Ceth, God be with you till we meet again!... in 2 years!

This is a picture I found from a year ago today! Ceth and I both had trouble keeping our eyes open during the fireworks on the fourth, and the flash on my camera was INSANE! It kept us laughing for hours...


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  2. I have read your blog for the first time and I am truly impressed with what is going on in your life. Keep up the goods things my little Fanny Fry.


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