Monday, May 17, 2010

... Tricked ...

Supposedly, according to my mother, Elder Neil L. Anderson was in the area and was giving a couple of firesides to different groups... She told me about the Young Single Adult one on Sunday and I even went through the effort of inviting some of my friends to come along for the ride (and by invite I mean I guilted them into coming by telling them that Apostles don't come all that often and that my mom was super excited to have them over for dinner before)... I seriously should consider going into interrogation or something like that because I have a way of making people do things that I want them to do (within reason)... so Jason, Emmy, Ben and I caravaned over to Tavares to have Sunday dinner with my folks... It was great... I haven't had that much fun with them in a while... Mom made a great dinner and dad really made everyone feel at home... We all laughed and ragged on each other and told stories--it was fantastic... what could make the evening even better? An Apostle! But wait?! I our dismay, we drove to the stake center and no apostle was there!!! Nope--my mom read the announcement wrong and it was for Single Adults, not Young Single Adults and apparently it was at a different building... So we all drove home, sad, tired, yet full from a good meal... Mom texted me as we drove home and told me that she made it all up just so she could trick me into having my friends and I come over for dinner... somehow that doesn't surprise me :)


  1. No worries my Kay-Kay, I am sure that you received similar upliftment because usually that is what apostles often talk about. The importance of family and how spending quality time together can bring us closer to them and the Lord. I am so glad you had a fun time with your mom, dad and friends! Miss ya!

  2. He was here I promise!!! We saved you seats Sunday morning, I guess what they say about the "early bird gets the worm" is true! We miss you, come see the babies!


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