Thursday, July 29, 2010

....Mahogany Violet Brown...

I've wanted to dye my hair a deeper shade of brown and I've really always wanted to have a peek-a-boo streak of purple on the underside of my hair. Nothing too big, just a tiny strand. Well my friend Courtnie Morris decided that she would help me do it for free and since she is a licensed Cosmetologist I agreed. We went to the beauty store and looked at several books that had different swatches in them and I picked one that I thought was the right color for me and Courtnie was excited about it because she loved that line of color. In hindsight I think it was the lighting in the store and the shinny-ness of the swatch that I can blame. We got to her apratment and she mixed my hair dye, that came out a purpleish color, but I didn't question it, and then she bleached my one strip so we could dye that one violet. As Courtnie washed my hair, I noticed that the water was purple and I thought to myself, I really hope it is the chemical reaction thats purple and not my hair. I was wrong. My hair turned out purple. Courtnie and her friends kept saying that they liked it, but you know when you expect one thing and its not what you wanted its really hard to be ok with the outcome, well that is what I was experiencing. I definitely didn't want anything that wasn't natural. I loved my violet streak in the back, but I didn't want my entire head to match it. Courtnie then said, "The color said, Mahogany Violet Brown Kaylee, didn't you see it?" Nope, I hadn't even bothered to read that. So for the next week I had purple hair. I've washed it tons and tons with shampoo and conditioner that had sulfer and now its to a more natural color. Hopefully I learned my lesson with dying my hair-- I should be happy with what I already have.

The top picture is from this last weekend when Ben and I went over to our friend, Sam Ahola's, house. Sam is from Finland and he lives right next to the temple in a giant house on the lake. He has jet skis and we went on them. Ben took the picture of us as I was driving the jet ski about 60 mph. You can totally see my purple hair too. Sam is the bottom picture on the jet ski! It was awesome, but the most awesome part was getting to ride in the elevator in Sam's house. Cool huh?

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  1. The good thing about hair color is you can always wash it out or at the worst shave your head (haha)! You are beautiful no matter what! Glad to see that Ben is doing good after his surgery. Love you!


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