Wednesday, August 11, 2010

...The Haps...

Blake and Annalee Russ got married on Friday. It was crazy!All of my friends in Tallahassee are getting married to and its just crazy to think that all of us are at that age where being a husband and wife is normal. Blake and Annalee looked insanely happy and I am so proud of them. Ben went with me to the wedding, and he was such a good sport! He just had shoulder surgery the week before and was in a sling. Ben's surgery went well and the recovery was good, but it was pretty hard taking care of him. He likes to be independent and I love to take care of people so we actually kind of bickered back and forth about that. He was a good sport though and now he's going to start physical therapy for the next 6 weeks. By the way, that boy makes me insanely happy. I'll be starting school August 30th and my orientation isn't until August 17th so I hope I get good classes. I'm going to have to start taking them at night, so that will be a weird adjustment for me. I always took my classes at FSU so I would be done by 2 pm. So thats the haps in my life for right now...

Also, yesterday I was watching tv and this girl got yellow flowers randomly. I love yellow flowers and I was actually jealous of the girl! It was pretty ridiculous, but then I realized I've only gotten them twice. Thats one thing I'll always share with my grandmother-- we both love yellow roses.
Most importantly, its only 3 months until Halloween and for some reason I'm already getting stoked! I love Love LOVE Halloween and I don't know why but I a really excited. So excited that I've even thought of mine and Ben's costumes, Margot and Richie Tenenbaum, from one of my favorite movies, The Royal Tenenbaums. I realized that since we're older there probably won't be a reason to dress up, but I'm going to have a party. I'm so excited! I can not wait until October... I'm celebrating all month long!

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  1. I love Halloween too, but have been way too busy to even begin thinking costumes. It was nice seeing you and meeting Ben.


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