Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Off-Roading Machine

Camping was awesome... I'm still waiting on Sara, aka Scarlet the Harlot aka Maggie Pie, to email me the pictures. After a lot of craziness we finally got out to the camp site late on Friday night. While the boys scoped everything out, Sara and I sat in the car with Ben's brother's girlfriend, Christina and her daughter Olivia (cutest little girl in the world!!!). I'm so glad that I got to spend the little bit of time I did with them and get to know Christina better. I totally was awesome too the Olivia fell asleep on me (even though she was in an insanely awkward position and seemed to love it). Christina is legit and I really love her.

I'm so grateful that Sara brought me the most glorious of all sleeping bags so I was super cozy all night. Probably one of the best nights rest I have had in a long time and I totally wasn't freezing despite the 42 degree weather. The next morning we all made left over hobos and eggs for breakfast (which turned into brunch and then lunch). After all of the breakfast shennanigans, we adventured on to the more epic part of the trip; Off-roading! Surprisingly, Ben let me and Sara go nuts with his Jeep in the sandy dunes of the sand pits. I was so proud of myself when Sara got us stuck in the sand and no boys were around and I got us out of it! All of the times I have gone mudding with Ben I guess I was learning at the same time. this is all that I had learned that helped get Sara and I and the Jeep unstuck (multiple times):

1. If your tires are still moving you're not stuck.
2. Switch between reverse and drive while moving the tires slightly to help get you unstuck.
3. Always keep it in 2 wheel drive (4 wheel drive is a last resort).
4. If ll else fails, switch it into 4 high and you pretty much can get out of anything with that beast of a Jeep!
5. You will never ever have to use 4 low, well, because the Jeep is legit.

I was so excited by my awesome getting us un-stuckness that I made Sara drive back so we could pick up Ben and show him the awesome ruts we made in the sand!

Pretty much the entire trip was amazing and I had a blast. I really hope Ben did since it was kind of his birthday party (Ben doesn't like birthdays. That was sooo hard for me to not make a big deal out of his birthday). By the way, Ben is 27 now. He seems to think that is old and I totally don't. If he's old then he sure is aging well. It did freak me out for like .2 seconds when he said, "Kaylee, I'm almost 30." Since I just turned 21, I decided that makes him Hugh Hefner. Which totally makes me a playboy bunny.......... or not. Anyhoo... pictures to come once Sara finally decides that it is more important to send me pictures after a 12 hour day than sleeping.

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  1. haha, thanks for the shout outs!! that was a super-fun weekend, even if i was only half-concious for the first part of it!

    im going home this weekend, and i pinky-swear I will put up the pictures :DDD i know im such a bum, who needs more than 6 hours of sleep anyway?


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