Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Fruit Salad, Yummy Yummy.

One of my New Years goals was to take way better care of my body. I am not a young and active kid anymore, so basically I cannot eat whatever I want whenever I want it anymore. To start off the healthier New Year, I decided to do a detox-diet so I could wash my system out. Basically, the way I see things, my insides are like what my bathroom sink’s plumbing is like, full of crap and junk after 21 years of abusing it. This detox-diet is supposed to be the Drain-O to my body’s inner pluming system.

I researched a lot about these diets and the one that kept coming up was the lemon juice and cayenne pepper drink. I knew that if I were to stick to something for three days I would actually need to seem like I was eating. That one was out. Then I stumbled upon a gem; the three day fruit diet! I love fruit. I have three days! Winner winner, no more chicken dinner.

Day 1:

Make a protein shake with water (not milk so you can confuse yourself into thinking it’s a milkshake) every two hours and drink it. Then in between the protein drinks drink a huge glass of water. You do this for five meals and then for your sixth meal you get 2 eggs 3 oz of lean meat and a salad (aka lettuce and a few sprinkled tomato pieces) with 1 teaspoon of olive oil for dressing. It was not so bad, until I went bowling with some girlfriends that night. Basically bowling ally food is my kind of food. Not eating the onion rings and fries and chicken tenders was torture!

I wanted this:

And got this:

Days 2 and 3:

Instead of protein shakes, you eat a serving of fresh organic fruit every two hours and then in between the fruit servings you drink one massive glass of water. You also get the same thing for dinner as day one. Ben and I went out to a movie on Saturday night for our date night because we would be avoiding food. I have now discovered that movie theatre food is also my kind of food! Nachos, hot dogs, POPCORN! We almost broke the diet for the popcorn.

I wanted this:

And I got this:

Needless to say, I completed the three days of food torture. The end results:

  1. I lost the water weight.
  2. I crave eggs and salad now.
  3. I drink a ton more water.
  4. I’m aware of my sick addiction to all things fried.
  5. I feel accomplished because I actually stuck to it for three days despite many temptations!

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  1. way to go kaylee!! im proud of you for sticking with it! how do you feel now?

    and by "we" do you mean that you convinced ben to detox with you?

    P.S.- i still read your blog :)


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