Monday, October 10, 2011

On Finding the Right Man

I just read an excellent book by a Mormon stand-up comedian named Elna Baker. When I saw her book in bookstores a year ago, I thought, "great, yet another book by an ex-Mormon that will embarrass the rest of us because she's venting about nothing." Nope. This book is hilarious. I literally, "lol"ed. Everyone, go out and read The New York Regional Mormon Singles Halloween Dance.

As I finished it last night, there was a huge nugget of wisdom thrown in there. While in Zambia, Elna got great advice from a 113 year old "sex doctor." She asked her how to find the right man. This was the wise woman's response:

Oh, so wise. I texted it to Ben last night and he responded, "and you'll still be my right woman when you're 113"

I've got the right man folks. Yes, indeedy, I do.

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