Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Halloween (and October) Wrap Up

It is over. The best month of the entire year is once again over. Good-bye October. Good-bye Halloween. Welcome fall. Welcome the holiday rush. We sucessfully wrapped up both of our parties and there was lots of fun to be had. One delightful addition was this lovely gal:
Her mom (Christina) is (was) preggo, so Ben and I got to have her for the costume party (speaking of, aren't our costumes legit?). 
She is a Hello Kitty Bride (it's supposed to be a secret, I hope Olivia doesn't care that I just put it on the internet). Well, last night, I got to have Olivia for trick or treating because her mom went into labor! I woke up this morning to a text and a video of the newest baby Gwyn. She is precious! I cannot wait to go meet her today at lunch. Also, I can't wait to officially know her name (they were considering Mia. Regardless, I will probably call her Mia). 

Olivia and I hit the jack pot last night trick or treating. She got 75 pieces of candy in less than an hour and I got around 55. Sweet deal indeed. 

We fell asleep watching Casper and woke up to an addition in the family (I consider myself an honorary member of the Gwyn clan.... uh hem, Ben......). 
Although I am sad that this year's October is over, I'm excited for the holidays and what the new year will bring! How was your Halloween? Did you dress up?   
 Until next October!


  1. Oh October is by far my favorite, I love it. I love the Burt/Mary costumes as well they are so great!

  2. Your costumes really were legit! Sadly, I did not dress up at all this year... Lame.


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