Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Katie and Sam

They got hitched this weekend. My very best friend got hitched. I cannot tell you how much I love this girl and how happy I was to see her enter into this next part of her life. Even more, I am grateful for the fact that she included me in on it. I'm sure there have been people more loyal and loving to her, but for some reason, she wanted me to be there by her side on this special day. 
Katie and Sam have a love that is inspirational. Its the kind of love you can not only see, but one that you can feel. It is infectious. The Katie and Sam kind of love is the kind of love I crave... it is not only one of passion, but of true charity. Those two would do anything for each other. They would sacrifice everything most precious to them just for the other. That, my friends is true love. Katie's sweet words to Sam during their ring ceremony spoke so much to me. She told him that she didn't know why she was so lucky to have been able to meet him at such a young age, but that she was grateful for it. Katie, you were given that blessing because you are the most honest, sincere, loving and kind hearted human being I have had the pleasure of knowing. That is why the Lord knew that you would be able to love Sam, at such a young age, and make it through the trials that would come your way.
Katie and Sam., thank you for inspiring me. Thank you, Katie, for being the best friend and example a girl could have. I truly love you.

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  1. YOU MADE ME CRY! That is the sweetest thing(s) anyone has every said about me. I love you oh so much! So happy you're apart of my life!!!


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