Wednesday, January 9, 2013

My Birthday In St. Augustine

My birthday was last Friday. I celebrated by working and by eating doughnuts.
My co-workers decorated my desk.

Also, for my birthday, the King whisked me me away to St. Augustine, one of my absolute favorite places on earth. We left Friday right after work. It was a rainy day and we really hoped that it would be sunny the next day.

That same day, I make Aubrey Kinch's design my phone background. It was perfect for out trip. The motto really was, "wing it."
We stopped at this gas station on our way into St. Augustine. It was in the middle of BFE. Seriously  So much so, that this curious little critter walked right up to our running car to grab this Chic-fil-a. Not that I wouldn't have done the same thing, but it was a little out of character for this tiny tot.

We ate dinner at a hibachi place. The King doesn't really care for Asian food, so whenever it's my choice, I pick Sushi or Hibachi. It was so yummy and we probably freaked out everyone at our table with the amount of picture taking it took to get one half way decent picture.

The next day we started "winging it" through St. Augustine. We stopped by the Lightner Gardens...
pre Bell's Palsy face.

... then we hit up the Old City Gates...
Still pre Bell's Palsy face.
... the we walked down St. George Street. It was crazy because we ran into not only one group of friends from Orlando, but another group of the King's friend's from high school. NUTS! As we were talking to his friends, I noticed my face felt funny. We were laughing so hard and I thought, "why does my face feel funny? Maybe because it's cold. Can half of my face freeze?" Well after we said good-bye, I asked the King if my face looked funny. He said yep and took a picture for me.
Bell's Palsy face.
I started to freak out a bit because it is a sure sign of a stroke, but then I realized nothing else felt funny and I felt perfectly fine. After texting the above picture to my sister-in-law and parents, we figured out it was most likely Bell's Palsy. I started to calm down (unlike most of my family) and went on winging it... to the light house, with the other friends we ran into...

the King all tuckered out!
 My and KimmyKae and her little one :) 

After the light house, we ran into pirates. The city of St. Augustine pays people to act as pirates and wonder around, as it is apart of the city's history of being the oldest city in America. It has a HUGE pirate history.

We then ended the night just sitting around in a beautiful court yard letting our feet relax from all the walking. It was seriously the perfect birthday (minus my face failing). So relaxing and the perfect time to spend with my husband.


  1. I am so impressed that you chose to continue your vacation, and not let a little facial paralysis stop you from having a good time :). Also, when I was in China, they used accupuncture pretty extensively for Bells Palsy treatment. You might want to look into it.

    1. I might have to overcome my fear of needles. The steroid they have me on is making me psycho. It's like I'm on speed for real! It might be a better option for me!

  2. What a great way to celebrate your birthday... Bells Palsy face looked cute so don't worry!!! Thanks

    1. Haha thanks so much! It really was a fabulous birthday despite the Bell's palsy bump :) thanks for stopping bye!

  3. It sounds like you had the perfect birthday weekend!!!

  4. You already know this but AHHHH so glad you had a fun birthday in St Augustine, because it's my absolute favorite place in the WORLD! (Well second to Puerto Rico).

    Happy Belated Birthday!

    1. I know!! I absolutely adore Puerto Rico too lol Thanks for the birthday wishes!!


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