Friday, July 12, 2013


As the King and I move into this next stage of our life (home-ownership) I cannot help but think of how much my life is about to change. 

You see, the King has been an adult a lot long than I have (at least 6 years longer), but I’m kind of freaked out by becoming a real life, mortgage having, home repair making adult. 

Don’t get me wrong, I am so happy, blessed, excited to be able to purchase a home with my husband, but I feel like one stage of my life is coming to a close. And quickly.

My teeny tiny little cottage was my first home. The first place I lived in by myself. The first place I provided for myself. The first place my husband and I lived together. It’s the smallest castle in the world, but it was mine.
The neighborhood was, at least to me, magical. The tree lined streets were perfect for the not so frequent walks I took. The train went past my house at all hours (literally RIGHT NEXT TO MY HOUSE) was exciting. The library directly across the street was a safe haven. And the parks (all three within a two second walk of my house) were the best place to relax. Oh, and let’s not forget Jeremiah’s that was two blocks away (BEST Italian ice… ever… hands down).

These next two weeks (actually, less than two weeks) are going to be hectic and fast paced and fun as we transition into being homeowners, but I want to try and slow down and appreciate what I’ve had for almost the last three years. I want to really say goodbye to MY area of town. 
With that said, I’ll try to post about my little area of Central Florida before we move.
Join me on my own sort of “good-bye” to Ventris Avenue.


  1. glad to see some new posts lately! I always loved "the cottage" and it was such an awesome neighborhood to live in. but you are on to bigger and better things! you need to update the blog once you start doing things with your new house so I can be inspired to get a fixer-upper house to like Chad wants, instead of getting something ready-made. so excited for you lady!

    1. Thanks Sarita!!!! I've missed you so so much. When are you guys moving back to Florida? You should totally move to Orlando ;) Or even Tampa. It's SO MUCH CLOSER and Ben misses Chad.

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    3. i miss you too K!! We are moving back to FL around aug. 13th. and we will be settling in Tampa, at least for now. we are going to be adults too! finally starting at a real grown-up job! haha Chad is still waiting on a longboard sesh with king ben

  2. I hope you find the same love for your new home and neighborhood that you found for the Cottage and Ventris Avenue!

  3. Holy cute cottage!!! Love it, but like they say... All good things must come to an end. Better things are on the horizon for you my dear!! Best of luck!!

  4. cute as can be cottage. i want a tour inside :) best wishes with the new changes!!


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