Monday, July 8, 2013

Family High

Yesterday the King and I went to my aunt and uncle’s house. I don’t know if it is the fact that my husband is closer in age to them than he is to me, or the fact that they are just incredible people (perhaps both), but I cannot help but just feel like they are one of my biggest support systems. 
Their family is so sweet and loving and hilarious. Their kids are the best at making a bad day better. Jamie and Jeremy are amazing at making you feel like you are a part of it all.

Sometimes, even when everything is good in life, I just need to go over there and spend some time with them. We had so much fun trying (but ultimately failing) to fly a kite in the middle of their subdivision and just running around the house.

At one point, my aunt looked over and said, “Ben’s a good guy. Really he is. He’s going to make a great daddy.” Then I looked at him and totally saw him though everyone else’s eyes. He is amazing. I know this. But sometimes you just have to see how in awe everyone else is of your significant other to really appreciate what you have. He is going to be a great father. He is the best husband. I really lucked out.
I don’t know what it was, but yesterday really just made my heart so full of family, fun and love. It didn’t matter that we got home at 2am and I had to go to work in 6 hours; I totally had the high of family to get me through my Monday.

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  1. They sound like such a good group of people! Flying kites, or at least trying to, sounds like the perfect way to spend an afternoon.


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