Thursday, December 5, 2013

Holiday Pictures 2013

A few weeks ago, the King and I had our friend, Diane, meet us at the Grand Floridian Resort at Walk Disney World to take pictures for our Christmas cards.

The resort is a replica of a Victorian seaside resort and is home to Disney's wedding pavilion and the perfect place to take pictures with Cinderella's castle. Once again, this year I took more than two seconds to prep my hair and do my makeup. I woke the King up more the 10 minutes before we needed to leave the house so he could primp himself and look "Sooooooo Goood!

We get to the resort, and just like last year's Christmas card pictures, it was raining. Pooooooo.
So that means my hair frizzed and the King and I laughed it off and just made do.
Thank goodness Diane is a miracle worker and managed to capture quite a few pictures of us that more than half way decent.
After pictures we wondered around the resort, debated whether or not we should go into Magic Kingdom or just go home and be lazy.
Neither won out, and we ended up being surprisingly productive and did some Christmas shopping... in November... before Thanksgiving (I know, I know... the horror).

We just got back from Alabama for Thanksgiving, and even though I had my nice camera there, I didn't crack it out once. I took a few photos with my iPhone, but I made it a point to not have it out constantly, so I'll post about the trip, but I'm not promising tons of photos or even good ones at that.

Anyhoooooooo hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving and are getting into the Holiday spirit!


  1. Cute, cute! I can never get our act together enough to do official holiday photos. Props!

  2. These pictures turned out gorgeous!!

  3. Love these pictures, Kaylee!

  4. Oh, how cute photos!! The background is so eye pleasing. You both look adorable in this photo session. At such a pretty outdoor wedding venues I also got engaged and had a heart throbbing engagement photo shoot.


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