Thursday, June 4, 2009

...Sigur Ros...

My co-worker, Erin is letting me buy her comuter speakers from her for like $10 so I can listen to music at work.... I think its crazy that our computers don't come with speakers and I think its crazy to not listen to music while working... so I made a playlist of songs to listen to while working and I didn't want anything that would get me too excited to where I'd want to sing along to it, and then I realized that I had the perfect band... Sigur Ros... they are a band from Iceland and have the most relaxing music ever! Their one song, Hoppípolla, was used for TONS of things, but probably more famously Disney's Earth trailer... There is just something about thier music that I can't resist... I really like thier music video for Glósóli... Hoppípolla and Glósóli's music videos are just too sweet... Glósóli's has a whole bunch of cute kids running around and Hoppípolla's has old people doing tricks that younger kids usually do to old people... I'm posting both... They make me smile... I hope they make ya'll smile to... I guess basically Sigur Ros's musci helps me remember the simple things in life...



And today at work a co-worker made some copies of a TGI Friday coupon that was actaully alowed to be copied for one free entree with th purchase of one for as many times as you can use the coupon until June 22nd!!!! I made copies for my roommates, classmates and for any other person I just happen to come into contact with... I am soooo excited to use them.... this is totally the best thing to happen since Oprah gave out free KFC!


  1. Hey--if you havn't already, you should check out for some awesome musical stylings. You just type in the name of a band or song, and they play stuff similar to it all the livelong day. :) Its what gets me through work :)

  2. what?! thats amazing! thanks for that... its much needed!

  3. I think you should take me to lunch!!! We miss you!

  4. Yea, Free food and always thinking of others.

    Liked your tunes too (surprizing)lol, jk


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