Monday, June 22, 2009

Wedding Bells!

Ok Ok Ok... not MY wedding bells, but my roommates! Lauren and Ashby (my roommate and my other two roommate's brother) are getting married on July 3rd and everyone in my house seems to be doing something to contribute to their wedding plans... except for me :( I mean everyone else is family, but I wanted to do SOMETHING so I decided that I was making the jewelry that Lauren is going to wear for her wedding! I called Ashby and he said that sounded great and that I could just give them to Lauren for her bridal shower on Tuesday... I worked hard most of the day on them and I think they turned out great!
So then I decided that I was going to make my actual room roommate, Tabitha, a necklace and some earrings for her birthday this Friday... well on Sunday she wanted to see what I was making and I told her before that I was going to make her some jewelry and I told her that it was her birthday present and that she couldn't see them... but any one that knows me knows that when I'm excited about a gift, especially a gift that I've made, I CAN'T not show them! so I caved... Tabitha got her present like a week early! Oh and I caved and showed Lauren her jewelry the night that I made them too because I was REALLY proud of them! She LOVED them, but I'm glad I showed them to her because the necklace and bracelet had to be resized... all in all I'm really proud of it all! I also made my boyfriend's sister, Erica, a really pretty bracelet with my great-grandma's old old beads... It was soooo pretty, but I didn't get a picture of it :(

All in all my Saturday was really productive creatively, I wish maybe I had gotten out of the house or something, but hey... I got alot done... like making Lauren's card for her bridal shower... I was soooo excited when I went to JoAnn's Fabrics because they are having the ubber HUGE! sale and I got 30 pieces of scrapbook paper (nice! scrapbook paper) for $5!!! and to make that even more exciting for me they had a couple pieces of paper that matched thier wedding colors.... green and navy blue... when you ask Ashby he says, puke green and navy blue... I think it looks nice... The card turned out great! I miss having time to be ultra-crafty!

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  1. You have always out your talents to good use. Like always your always thinking of others. Your jewerly is beautiful.
    A weekend well spent!
    I'm glad you are using grandmother watkins beads. I knew you were the child to give them too. Make something for your self to keep. They were very special to me, because she gave them to me and now I passed them on to you. :)


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