Tuesday, June 29, 2010

...Freakin Hot...

Morgan Coles had a friend coming into town this weekend from Utah and he's thinking about moving down here so she wanted him to make friends with some of us kids in the Singles Ward... so we got the whole dang group of us together; Me, Ben, Alyssa, Jason, Erin... We all drove over to Cocoa beach and it was so flippin packed! Tons and tons and tons of people everywhere! The water felt great, but I think it was because of how hot it was outside... There was a hot wind and my feet burned on the ground... Ben and Jason taught me and Alyssa how to throw the frisbee (Lets just say I'm slightly frisbee challenged)... Alyssa got some pictures of everyone so I need to get them from her, but I did manage to get a picture of Ben and I... lets just say I look bad, but you have to admit we're a good looking couple :)
After we went to the beach, I made Ben go with me to Lauren Baas (now Andersen's) wedding reception. Before I left Tallahassee we were friends, but her fiance and I did not get along very well and I got my position as Made of Honor revoked. I wanted to go to their reception at my church building just so I could tell her how proud of her I was and to wish her luck on her new life. That's not how things turned out. When I got there, she avoided me the entire time, which was quite embarrassing because I had Ben with me, so I told him to go grab some food and I went up to Lauren--I told her hi and she looked at me and walked off. Let's just say that Ben got to see me cry for the first time ever and I was only there less than 10 minutes... Then Sunday I got to give a talk on the revelating powers of the Holy Spirit... I think it went well--it was the first time I was over prepared and I was only supposed to speak for 10 - 12 minutes and I went to like 15 and that was after I cut a ton of it out! I'm really excited for this Fourth of July weekend because the group is going to Coral Springs for a long weekend and we're going snorkling in Key Largo! WHOOP WHOOP! and tonight Courtnie Morris and I are going to see Eclipse at midnight! Dang what a week...

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  1. Your story made me sad. Just know that great friends, eternal friends who truly care; love unconditionally. Life is too short not to enjoy the joy in the journey. One can never have too many wonderful friend in their lives and you MY KAYLEE are a wonderful friend♥


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