Thursday, June 10, 2010

...I'm A Mess...

A little over a week ago Ben needed to study and I wanted to see him, so I convinced him that I would be the best study buddy ever because he can't ever concentrate on studying and I promised that I would keep him on it (which I did... mostly). Once I had Ben all set up, and by set up I mean, a cup of water, a sandwich, his books, pen, paper, music, and me next to him, he started to study. Studying turned into Ben starting to get really A.D.D. because he can't just sit there and do math, so after a long period of entertainment for me (I had never seen this super restless side of him) I suggested that we go for a bike (a "ding- ding" bike not a "vroom-vroom" bike) ride through his neighbor hood before I went to go pick Emily up from the airport. He jumped at the opportunity. We were riding along, minding our own business and totally enjoying the beautiful weather and I said that we should head back soon because Emily's flight would be in soon. As we made our way towards Ben's house, something happened. I'm not entirely sure what that something was, but all I remember was flying through the air and having my bike go on with out me on it, and my chin nailing the ground under me. Embarrassed, I immediately rolled over and started to laugh at myself and then I saw the look on Ben's face. I sat up to assess my injuries, because I thought I just knocked the wind out of myself and wanted to make sure I was fine... that's when I saw all the blood start coming from my chin. There was blood everywhere! On my arms, hands, face... it was a mess! I laid back down and told Ben that he needed to be the one to look at it because I am a baby.

Everyone was backed up on his street because I was lying in the middle of the road. This only added to my embarrassment so I asked Ben to help me over to the side of the road. This only caused everyone to continuously ask, "Is She ok?!," "Does she need a ride somewhere?," to which Ben so coolly handled and told them all I was fine in his care, which I was. Then this one lady would not stop bugging us (I now see it as she was trying to be helpful, but I was in so much pain that I just wanted to leave at the time and she was holding us up)... she kept asking if I needed anything... we told her no... she continued to pry, saying that she had band-aids in her car... she got them. Then, the kicker to her story is her kids are in the car and she wants to show them my chin because she teaches by example. I started to laugh as she went to go get her 3 and 4 year old children from the car--Ben rolled his eyes. Poor little Johnny and Jane as I like to call then, walk up, see this bloody girl laying there and have their mom yell at them, "See kids?! This is what happens when you don't wear your helmet!" Ummm lady, a helmet did not protect me chin at all, well, unless I was wearing a football one! (Whoa, holy tangent!)

Ben then walked me back to his house, which luckily for me was not too far away, and cleaned my chin up for me. I asked him to give me a blessing to calm me down, because everyone knows I can't handle situations like that, and he did--I'm mostly grateful for that. He then delivered the new that because of where the gash was on my chin, he thought I needed stitches. If any one knows me, then they will not be surprised by the fact that I adamantly insisted that I would not get stitches, to which he accepted and be not push against. If I didn't want stitches, he was going to respect that and find another way to heal me! What a guy right?! He then sped over to CVS and got butterfly bandages and applied them. They didn't work because anytime I'd laugh or talk or even more, they would come apart. He told me once again, "Kaylee, I think you need stitches." I insisted again that I did not want them, so he called his friend's grandma to ask her what to do because she's a doctor. She said she didn't want to do it because she didn't want to leave a scar on my face, but that if I were to go to an urgent care center and ask for no stitches they would probably use sterile glue... if we wanted to do it ourselves, then we could just use super glue. So taking the kind doctor's advice we went to the 7-Eleven and got some Krazy Glue and came back to the house where Ben and his older brother Spencer super glued my chin back together. Awesome huh?! Let’s just say it looked pretty gnarly.

The super-glue scab came off yesterday and it looks perfectly fine! Honestly you wouldn't even be able to tell the difference if I had gotten stitches.

Also to add to my "I'm A Mess-ness," Ben and I decided to go running around Lake Eloa after work on Tuesday. I got off an hour earlier than he did, so I decided to go over to the really cool Publix in downtown to change and to get some fingernail polish. As I was looking at the red nail polishes I saw one start to fall. I tried catching it, but my efforts were in vain. The bottle of Candy Apple Red collided with the hard tile ground busting everywhere, including my bare legs and shoes. Let’s just say I looked like my legs just got hacked up! I bought nail polish remover and headed over to Ben's work so I could clean myself up before he had to see me. The nail polish remover was just smearing it around making it all look entirely worse. I actually had a guy pass me and ask if I was alright and if I needed to go to the hospital. Oh jeez! Let's just say that the look on Ben's face was priceless, not because it was of shock, but because it was something he's starting to expect and be used to with me. Let's just say, I AM a mess!

I'm waiting for Spencer to email me the pictures of my chin.

OH! and also, if you hadn't noticed that I've been spending a lot of time with Ben, then your oblivious! but its official... I'm his girlfriend and he's my boyfriend :)

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  1. I agree you are a mess my Kaylee, but a fun mess at that! You and Ben should babysitt, then you could see him in action around 5 kids and see if he really does make the cut. You know the little cousins have the final call.haha. All joking aside, come visit us.


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