Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Five Things

5 things that make me happy...

1. Having the life squeezed out of me.

2. Watching Bollywood/Hindi/foreign movies.

3. The thought of curling up to a fire on a cold day and reading a classic.

4. Bento's Mexican roll.... yum. yumm. yummm...

5. Listening to my music in the car SO loud that I feel like it's a soundtrack to the movie I'm living called Life.


  1. I love, I mean LOVE number five...

  2. I count six. Still need college. Love ya Merry Christmas


Thanks for the comment you sweet person you! If it is a question or something for me to reply to, check back here as I tend to answer through the comments. I appreciate all the love!

Love Kaylee


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