Thursday, August 11, 2011

She's Launched!!!

There she blows mateys!!!!!!!! Up and running a day after I decided to make her, Quintessentially Yours, a Wedding Blog is now rip roaring and ready to go!

*Can you tell I'm more than excited with all of the exclamation marks I've used?*

To see her in all her glory click here.

Also, let's make this thing viral. Email it to your friends and have them email it to their friends. This is going to be exciting and thrilling and spectacular and anything else you can think of (well except for anything negative, like a failure. She's not going to be a failure).

Oh and make sure to grab a fabulous button right after you subscribe!


  1. What a pretty new blog! You go girl! And I'll def. submit my wedding to you once I get a post typed up :)

  2. THANK YOU!!!! Seriously, thanks :) I cannot wait!


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Love Kaylee


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