Monday, July 16, 2012

On My Day Off I Spent All Day At a Theme Park

You would think that working in a theme park full-time and being on my feet all day would deter me from wanting to go to another theme park and be on my feet all day on my day off. Nope. I guess when the Hornsby-Gwyn clan get together, you just can't help it. Here are some pictures. I'll post some more wedding pictures tomorrow!!! Brittany is sending them to me and I am STOKED!!!!
Just hanging out with Dori and Nemo in the Deep Blue Sea.
Horrible quality picture from the Nemo ride.
I guess Amber didn't get the message that we were supposed to be Monkeying around. Man, doesn't she look stupid ;)
I love the authenticity of being a true Mexicano so much that I want to frame this picture.
Justin was pretending to be blind and Amber was his guide. It was so inappropriate that I had to take a picture.
I may or may not have promised the King that this would not make its way to the internet. Oops, my b.
Check out those two sweet little Asians.
Ni Hao from the Gwyns in China!
 Hope you had a great weekend!!!! See you all tomorrow.


  1. Replies
    1. It was! My feet were killing me though by the end of the day; Totally worth it!

  2. So jealousssssss. I miss theme parks! We are going to Paris Disney in a couple months so take that!!! (doesnt beat the fact you work at HP land though)

    1. OMG!!! I want to go to Paris Disney so so bad! Take lit a TON of pictures. I bet it is amazing. We'll go to WWoHP when you get back my dear. PROMISE!

  3. Ah epcot! I love how relaxing the nemo area is, my favorite place to cool down!!


    1. Mine too! The aquarium is incredible. The Seagulls saying, "mine!" is amazing.

  4. These pics are beautiful! I absolutely LOVE your blog! <3 I am now following you! Hope that you can give my blog a look and maybe even follow as well? <3 Just let me know! (:

    Cindy C.

    1. Following your blog!!! Maybe I'll have better fashion sense thanks to you :)

  5. Replies
    1. I've been following your blog! I LOVE it and you are so presh! Thanks for reading! Can't wait to get to know you better.

  6. Love Disney. Was hoping to make it down there this summer, but guess that's not in the works.

    Found you through the blogger party. I'm up in Jacksonville. Now following you!

    1. Thanks for the follow!!! Can't wait to get to know you better!


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