Tuesday, July 31, 2012

July... via Instagram

The first six months of the years are over and out. Bring on the second half of the year; my favorite part of the year. 2 months until October (my absolute favorite month, EVER), which means it will be fall, which will lead to the holidays and then the end of the year and my birthday. I cannot wait for what the second half of the year holds since the first half was so incredible (getting engaged, married and then the best new job ever). 

Here it is, the Gwyn's July 2012:
Meet the Mexican version of the Gwyns; Had a visitor at work; photo booth fun at Sportstown; My long lost Meggles.
A very successful first two months of marriage; First attempt at a fishtail braid; The King's baby fever; Master Tutiful loves being in boxes full of stuffed animals.
The first ever Book Club Book Swap!!! (Click here for more details); Jeremiah's!!!; Root beer floats at work because Universal loves its employees; Trying to be a better wife.
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Happy August EVERYONE!
Don't forget to vote for The Book Club's August book!!! It's over on the right sidebar!
Even more important, don't forget to participate in the first ever Book Swap!!!
Click here for more details and fill out your form here.
It's free. It's fun. It's going to be the coolest thing to hit you this summer.
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  1. Happy August! Book swap sounds lovely. :)



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