Friday, July 27, 2012

Thew Book Club - July, "The Summer I Turned Pretty"

It is so crazy that month three of The Book Club has come and gone! What do you think so far? Any things you would like to see happen? We announced yesterday about the first ever Book Club Swap! Click here to find out more. I really hope you can join in on that fun!!!

Anyhoooo, here is what we read in July:

Honestly, I really liked it. I thought I wouldn't, or that I would be bored reading it, but I went through it very quickly. Its not very often that I like to read young adult books. I usually find them fun, but I always feel silly reading them. That's what is so great about them. You get to read them, feel silly for it and (for me) get to remember all the fun parts about being young.

I loved Belly's story and especially how this is about her transitioning from being a girl to a teenager. I really liked how Jenny Han called this transition "turning pretty." I think all teenage girls go through this transition and realize it when everyone starts saying, "oh, look how pretty you are," or "I can't believe how different you are looking!" I remember this and it was an awkward stage to transition through. So many changes, so quickly. 

Belly's happens to be during a "final" summer of normality. She is realizing who she loves as well as loosing a very important figure in her life. 

Jenny Han did a great job and I really appreciated this blast into the past. I too remember measuring my life by summers and how my life was dictated by the beach. Most of my greatest memories revolve around the Florida coast and I think that is where I did most of my growing up.
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