Monday, October 15, 2012

Oh Hey There Friends

Long time no see... kind of. More like no word from me at all. Ugh, Universal had me on a never constant schedule so I was always exhausted, always tired, and never wanting to do anything but sit with my feet up.

Universal and I are on a little break right now. They have this attendance point program and I kind of blew my points. So I'm starting the appeal process to have them overturn my points, but for right now, that means I have a few days on my hands. 

I actually started looking for a new job last week. Not because I don't love working where I do, but because I needed more consistency and, well, money. I applied for this part time position for my city and I really hope I get it. So, if you believe in prayer, or what ever you believe in, please send all your good mojo my way please!

Until then, I have a bit more time to spend back with you lovely ones.

The thing is, I have NO IDEA what to start writing about.

I guess I could tell you what the King and I have been up to:

*A LOT of The Walking Dead (awesome season premiere!!!)
*Little sister's homecoming game/dance:

 *Book reading galore:
-The Book Thief
-Let's Pretend This Never Happened
-The Innocents
-The Best of Me
*and A LOT of niece playing:

Well, I guess that is it until next time. Which should be soon!

Oh, and don't forget to check out the Book Club tab. LOTS of new changes.
We're reading "The Perks of Being and Wallflower" and the link up is on the 30th. We're also doing a group video chat on the 25th. JOIN IN!


  1. That would drive me nuts. Thats how it was at Forever21. I usually had 7-330 shifts but theyd throw in 4am shifts all the time, overnight shifts, and a few closing shifts on saturdays. It was horrible


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