Monday, October 1, 2012

Welcome October

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It's here!!!! It is finally here!!!!! OCTOBER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The King and I waited up until 12:01 this morning so we could ring it in together.

This is my absolute favorite month of the year. It's fall at its best, Halloween, pumpkins, candy and tons and tons of fall leaves (well, not really here in Florida, but a girl can hope). Previous October posts here and here.

To honor the best month of the entire year, I have made a October bucket list:

1. Watch the following movies:
-The Corpse Bride
-Hocus Pocus
-The Nightmare Before Christmas
-Edward Scissorhands
-Practical Magic

2. Carve at least 2 pumpkins. Buy at least 5 mini ones and use them for decor.

3. Have a good ole sit outside on a blanket with something warm to drink (even if it is 80 degrees in Florida) at least three times.

4. Figure out what the heck the King and I will be for Halloween this year (I'm drawing a blank. Every year I have our costumes figured out well in advance. I've dropped the ball this year). 2010 and 2011 costumes here.

5. Make mini pumpkin pies.

6. Keep up the tradition of October Surprises.

What are some of your October traditions?????


  1. Those are some great movies to be watching this time of year. I might have to add some of those to my list.

    I saw Hotel Translvania this weekend, it was really cute. Totally put me in the Halloween mood.

  2. I love October too! :) Ah, your post made me feel so fall-like. I even have my windows open today to breathe in the fresh October air. mmm. My house will smell of Pumpkin Snickerdoodle Cookies later today. Check my blog tomorrow for how they turned out and the recipe! :) <3 Miss you!!

  3. Um. Your my twin. Stop it. Its scary. MEEE TOOOOOO!! Okay you and King should be Lucy and Ricardo (from I love lucy) fetch!

  4. I'm soo glad it's October, too! Although, I'm definitely way more anxious/excited for November to arrive. But if it would just cool down some, life would be awesome!

  5. I love October and I miss you so show your face pretty lady!!


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