Thursday, May 7, 2009


I just started my summer class at TCC and its called communication... The professor is awesome... She is alot like me... she's really bubbly and loves to talk... I'm definately not going to be bored in her class... Today she started our class by leting us watch her favorite YouTube clips... they were also both of mine... I put them at the end of this blog... Two of them are my favorites, but one is of Susan Boyle, the amazing but awkward looking woman from Scotland who was on Britian's Got Talent... She amazes me... She was made fun of her entire life for being diferent and was blessed with the gift to sing, but never did... She finally got the courage to go on the show and share her talent... I love it... I can't help but smile when watching her video... Hope you like my videos.... I'd love to know what yours are, so feel free to leave a link to them!

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  1. Thanks for sharing! Uncle Nathan showed me the one of Susan Boyle singing a few weeks ago and I cried. It shows how much people can be judgmental. How often do we (I) judge a book by it's cover? The other two made me lol, especially the old people one! Maybe we should get grandma a steering wheel for mother's day and she can use it when her and grandpa travel for their speaking assignments!


Thanks for the comment you sweet person you! If it is a question or something for me to reply to, check back here as I tend to answer through the comments. I appreciate all the love!

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