Tuesday, May 12, 2009


* 07/28/09... so Justin and I are no longer together, but since this is like my journal and stuff, I figured I should keep it on here... He still was a great boyfriend, but our future wasn't as bright as I thought...*

I am dating the most wonderful man I know... He is my best friend... I can tell him anything I need to and he listens... He makes me laugh so much more than I ever have and his smile is captivating... He has truely stolen my heart and I am glad that I have the pleasure to be with him... I'm greatful that the Lord blessed me so that I can have him in my life... I LOVE him... and I'm so excited about what lies ahead for us in the future....


  1. K- Isn't that suppose to be a picture of your Dad... Just kidding. I am glad you have such a wonderful person in your life that makes you happy! Love, MOMo XO, XO

  2. I thought you were talking about Uncle Nathan when you said he way the most wonderful man! j/k :-)

    I hope your future makes you as happy as your Uncle Nathan has made me! I love you, Kay-Kay!


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Love Kaylee


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