Tuesday, May 5, 2009

New Obsession...

...basically I LOVE The Office... When I used to live with my parents I would sometimes watch it with my dad and we would enjoy our thrity minutes of hysterical laughter... when I came to Tallahassee I unfortunately didn't have a t.v. to watch it on.... then I found this website that allowed me to watch past episodes.... Justin and I made it a point to watch it together and it was a rule that we could only watch it together... I was always wanting to watch it, but out of respect for our "together rule" I would wait... His parents had the second season and he jacked it from them and we tore through that... We were desperate! for season three and four... so naturally I bought them 2 for the price of one on amazon.com.... they should be here this weekend... I'm soooooo excited.... Seriously... it makes me laugh so hard... probably too hard... Justin thinks its rediculous how much I laugh.... I can't help it... Dunder Mifflin Paper Company rocks!


  1. I LOVE that show! I think it's so funny!!

  2. k-
    try changing your font color. These old eyes can't read the white. Love ya and miss ya tons!


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