Friday, January 22, 2010

...13 Missionaries...

When I came to Tallahassee 5th Ward (aka the Singles Ward) I was really confused when I came in and there were eight missionaries in the ward.... we have 2 elders who serve on FSU campus, 2 elders serving at FAMU, 2 elders serving on TCC campus, and then 2 sister missionaries who serve all of the campuses. When I became a ward missionary, I got really close with all of them as we helped share the gospel with those in Tallahassee... I've always tried to feed the sisters once a month because I have plenty of friends on missions and hope that someone is feeding them too... well I thought it would be cool if I could feed all the missionaries, so when Jay, Katie, Tiara and I were at the apartment and Jay and Tiara were debating who had the better chili, I decided that we should have a chili cook-off and invite the missionaries... well it was transfer day, so instead of feeding the 8 missionaries in our ward, we ended up feeding the other elders who drove them to our house, totaling to 13 missionaries in my small apartment all at once... It was awesome getting to know the new missionaries and getting to know the other missionaries that were in our ward already even better! I love working with them; it's such a rewarding work!

P.S. Jay's chili won!
Elder Perkins and Elder O'Noines have a bro-mance haha jk
Elder Perkins, Elder Carlisle, Elder Fagg, Elder Barney, Elder O'Niones, Elder Egbert, Elder Packer, Katie and I.
Katie's AWESOME cupcakes!

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