Wednesday, July 6, 2011

A Few Random Thoughts

A few random thoughts that have been on my mind:

1. P90X isn't so bad once you have trained your body to think that you are not, in fact, ripping every muscle in your body to shreds, when, in fact, you really are.

2. Why is everyone so obsessed with this Casey Anthony trial? I mean, I get it. What happened to that little, beautiful baby girl was horrible. HORRIBLE! But people who were under the impression that the trial would provide answer on what actually happened to little Caylee were plain stupid. It wasn't about finding out what happened to her; it was about whether or not the State had proof enough to send Casey away for life or send her to meet her maker. They didn't. It's sad, but end. of. story. buttttt just for humor's sake:

Can we all move on now? Like to more happier things :)

3. Sailing through the beautiful blue waters of this earth are ever present on my mind. In honor of that here are a few quotes:

4. I cannot wait until fall. It's crazy to think that my beloved month of October is only 3 months away! Dare I do this:
5. The earphones I wear at work, while transcribing Keith's dictations, really hurt my ears and give me the most horrid headaches.

6. My life is wonderful. I am so happy at this point in time. Even though my car is acting up (AGAIN!) and I have never been more busy in my life, my life is good. He is a big reason why:

7. Katie getting married to Sam in November and Alyssa marrying Ian in December makes me smile:

(I love how stoked they look. This is right after he proposed.... speaking of... Katie, let's stop playing phone tag so I can get the details!!!!)
(They're doing an "Up!" themed wedding. Too cute right? Also, Josie took their engagement pictures. I stole this off of facebook.)


  1. it was so great catching up with you today, my love!! and i totally appreciate your 2 cents on the casey anthony trial.. it is horrible but you're right, if there is reasonable doubt they cant put her away. i heart you and miss you mucho

  2. Can I just admit something? I didn't watch a single thing about that Casey Anthony trial. Not one thing. It just makes me feel sick.
    Whew. Glad I got that off my chest.
    Also, good luck with the P90X!! I've heard it is INTENSE.


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