Friday, September 9, 2011

An Amateur, On Being An Aunt.

Happy Birthday, Ryleigh Nicole! (well belated birthday... man I'm already off to a bad start).

Here is a picture of Pops holding you on your actual birthday. Ben and I had just left when they decided to let you be held. I was majorly bummed.

Yesterday (at an ungodly hour.... like 2:09 to be exact) I was woken up by Mimi telling me I needed to rush to the hospital so I could be there when you were born. Little did I know, that I would literally get to be there when you were born. Like in the room. When you popped out. It was exciting. You were perfect! Seriously, I have never ever seen anyone else come into the world as fabulously as you did (maybe that is because I've never seen anyone come into the world, but hey, let's not count that against you). Your mommy was stellar in getting you here. I have never met such a determined person that wanted to get her baby here. You're already so much like your mommy (whom I love, a lot). I was right there beside you when they weighed you in (4 pounds, 13.2 ounces), measured you (21 inches) and even gave you this horrible vitamin K shot (ask me about how much of a trooper you were during that). After that, I got to hold your hand for like .2 seconds and then you had to go to the nursery  That's where you are now my little dinosaur! Mommy just told me that you will probably go to NICU now for a couple of weeks because you don't know how to eat yet (you and I know this is just because you want the special attention, and you're scared of leaving the hospital with mommy. Trust me I would be too). 

As your aunt, I promise the following:

1. To teach you how to be a grandma (remind me to tell you about the time someone thought I was your grandma). I'm quite the professional.

2. To spoil you your entire life (I've already started).

3. Listen to you when you are really irritated with mommy or just can't talk to her about something. I'll always listen to you, good or bad (I'm not promising that I won't tell her later though... she is your mom after all).

4. Be at all your major life events (with the exception of when you have your first kid. I was there for yours and it was enough to last a lifetime, love).

5. Always love you, no matter what you do or who you become. I will always love you.

I'm so excited to be your Auntie KayKay (I'm determined to make you call me this). One day, I hope to graduate from being an amateur aunt to a professional, like my two incredible aunts (Jodi and Jamie). They have taught me all I know. One day, I'd like to be half of the aunt that they are. I'm about to leave work and go see you. Supposedly I'll be able to hold you today (FINALLY! The .2 second hand touch was not enough).

Auntie KayKay

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  1. This is so sweet! Congratulations on being an aunt!!


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