Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Mr. Darcy Who?

This is probably sooo high school of me (image  that phrase said in a valley girl accent), but I have to do it. I've always loved (I mean LOVED) Jane Austen, but I've always secretly adored Jane Eyre with its Gothic romancy self. Why? Oh its not because Ben watched the BBC mini-series with me (and actually liked it... I think). Nope, its because of Mr. Rochester. His smolder. His flirting. His passion (why am I going on about a fictional character? WHY?!).  I keep seeing all of these things on pinterest and etsy about waiting for a Mr. Darcy and "I want a Mr. Darcy"- this or that. Lame. I've always wanted a Mr. Rochester. I want someone with so much passion, he literally will beg me, on his knees while crying, to be his mistress after I find out he has a lunatic wife (not really the last part, but still...). After seeing the new rendition of Jane Eyre (I loved it. I know its not at all like the book, but I loved it), I decided that Mr. Rochester was steamy. So here we go; the moral of this post:

A lesson for all of those pathetic Mr. Darcy fans ;)


  1. I love reading both your blogs!! I love the wedding blog, I wish it had been around when I was planning my wedding. Oh and thanks for the comment on my blog, I thought I was a bad mama giving Laela chocolate for loosing a tooth but she was happy about it.

  2. No the chocolate thing rocks. Teach them whats important in life; chocolate, not money ;) Thanks about the blog! I'm super into doing it and I really hope it inspires at least one person!


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