Wednesday, September 28, 2011

I Am A Stitchin Machine

Okay kiddies, it's grandma here, ready to share with you the coolest thing on the block. Ready (and no, it is not my ginger snap cookies)? It is stitching, aka needlepoint, aka embroidery, aka FUN!

I have been a stitching machine for about a month now. It all started with the dreaded $20 cat. I saw this super cute shop in Winter Park and thought that I should stop in and see what stitching was all about. The lovely, con-artist of a woman "helped" me to the cheapest starter kit they had. $20 poorer and with instant regret, I walked out of The Black Sheep with a stupid cat pattern that took me over 24 solid hours to stitch (seriously, it took weeks). I have the picture of it (I'm SO proud of it) on my iPad and am having trouble getting it off. Its nothing special. Seriously. Just trust me.

Then, this wonderful angel from above, named Meagan Meyerson, told me about her friend's stitching shop online. I went over, found what I wanted for $4 (had it emailed to me within a couple of hours) and bought the string for under $7. Ta Da! Instant gratification, super cheap and far less time consuming (not to mention wayyyyy cuter. I changed the colors from the one's that she suggested and I love how they turned out:

 (I'll post the picture of my second one when I figure out what to do to get the picture off of my iPad. F.Y.I. I did this one and that one)

I've found a ton more really cute patterns online for FREE people. Yes, FREE! I'm working on this one right now and have these two to follow. I cannot even tell you how easy it is to do folks. It is SUPER easy. There, I told you.

So jump on this train to grandmaville and lets have a stitchin good time!

P.S. this song is what inspired the title. LOVE IT!

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