Monday, January 30, 2012

January... Via Instagram

Instagram is the best invention ever. Better than sliced bread. Better than facebook. Maybe even better than Pinterest. Maybe. It makes me want to takes pictures on a daily basis. It gets my creative bug going. It also makes me see and appreciate all of the things I wouldn't normally see nor appreciate. So, here it is, Kaylee's January 2012 via Instagram...
Martin Luther King Jr. Day cards with Olivia; Pancakes are the breakfast of champions;  Sweet Tart Bug Gummies package made my day; Baby Mia and her chubby cheeks! 
The fake nails are gone; Trench coat and my Christmas tree is still up; Snooki has nothing on my bump;  The Groove bathroom is club Las Tres Cabaelleras!
Flowers for my birthday; Sunday night game nights; School = bad eating habits; My two Anthro purchases. 
I think I'll do this once a month. Happy almost February! I'm pretty much dead after this weekend (two theme parks in two days). I'll post those pictures soon! 

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