Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Las Tres Caballeras

I am a one-third piece to a threesome. Not THAT kind, but this kind:
 Meet Las Tres Caballeras (which actually doesn't translate, but who the heck cares).
That's me (aka KK, aka Kayleecita, aka Medium Smokey)
Diane (aka Diana, aka Diana Kardashian, aka Little Smokey)
Jess (aka Yessica, aka Gask, aka Big Smokey). 
Here are some of the things we like to do:

1. Go to Universal because Jessica's dad can get us in with his magical pass...
Marmaduke taking Kaylee for a ride...
Marmaduke taking the King for a ride...

Marmaduke taking Great Britton for a ride... 
Getting crunk on Butterbeer!
Jessica was terrified to ride the Mummy Roller coaster...Thrill ride.
...but she dominated it... TWICE!
2. We like to go to Disney because Diane's dad gets us in for free...
It is the most magical place on earth... until someone tries to walk in front of your camera... then you get looks like mine.
Made it to Venice, Italy this time!
Taking over the world, one Eiffel Tower and beret at a time.
We like to party... we like, we like to party.
Jess and I like to pose for pictures while waiting for the Monorail. Diana takes them whether she likes it or not.
Don't hate us because we're beautiful. M'kay?
we are very VERY responsible adults. For baby sitting rates, please send an email.
Practicing being a mamacita who knows her espanol!
Once again... we like to party... we like, we like to party (hard).
Whoa? Venice again? Twice in one day? We are quite the world travelers.
What can I say, I'm a girl worth fighting... for?
See above.
French chocolates = a boyfriend for Diana?
Ahhh there we go! Now its the World's Most Magical Place!
More on this epic group of ladies to follow.


  1. Um, can I just say JEALOUS!! Jesse and I have annual passes for Universal/IOA, which is great, but my true love is Disney. And it's so darn expensive, plus you gotta factor in travel and hotel. But you look way hot in that red lipstick!

  2. Thanks Tanya! I've really gotten into the whole red lip thing recently! Yeah after going to Universal/ IOA all day with the pass that gets you to the front of every line, Disney was so hard to do! We literally went on no rides because we couldn't justify it after an entire day of no lines at Universal. Its starting to take the Disney magic away! I love Disney so much, but come on... fast pass was so last year.


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